Sushi Jiro, Oishii or not?

Friday, April 07, 2017

But I wish it was lah. Sushi Jiro, If you see this, can give me voucher not? Hahahaha! *shameless*

Photo Credit: Sushi Jiro

Sushi Jiro, a new sushi restaurant that was recently established in Gurney Plaza, Penang. I am not sure how many months ago but as I know it’s not very long la, because I remembered glancing at the restaurant being built last December (Okay, that’s not the point). It is located on the 7th Floor, same with Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC).

There are many choices of sushi to choose from and all of them start from the price of RM2.99 per plate (if you eat more than 5 plates). Having less than 5 plates of sushi will cost you RM3.38 per plate. Thus, eat more than 5 plates bah. Save 40 cents leh! Have 5 plates you save RM2 then add 99 cents, get yourself another plate. Hahahaha.

These are the menu lists of sushi they serve:-

Sashimi and Appetizer


Sushi page 2. Hahaha

Side menu

Desserts and Drinks

I didn’t try everything but these were what I had:-

Teriyaki Chicken Cheese Maki

Ate some dy then realised never take pic but nevermind lah hor

Atsuyaki Tamago

Salmon with Cheese

Salmon Belly

Hotate Mentai Mayo

Sake Kawa no Karaage (Fried Salmon Skin)
This one is my favourite! Highly recommended by Dreamyyen.

Inari Tuna Salad.

Actually hor, I choose wrong already. I wanted the Inari Kanimayo but accidentally took this one and smelled it, then the manager was looking at me suspiciously so my inner self just told me to take it. haihh, wasted. Hahahahaha

Chuka Iidako

Miso Ramen

I liked the Miso soup and since Sushi Zanmai doesn't have any Miso Ramen (only a small bowl of miso soup), this may be the place that I would come again just for the Miso. MOST IMPORTANT, there's no taugeh! *clap clap clap*

(By the way, don’t put too high hopes of having a huge piece of sushi. Just think of it as having the amount by the price you pay.)

Dreamyyen's FAQ on food.

Q: Is the food delicious?
A: Medium, decent sushi taste, can't say much :D

Q: Will I come back again?
A: Yes, I will. For the price of RM2.99 per plate, I think it is quite worth the price. Especially the Fried Salmon Skin! I love it very much.

Q: Rating between 1 to 5?
A: 3.5/5 

Even though the portion of sushi is not very huge, I still think it is okay to go and have a try! No harm trying right? So, if you thought of having a decent budget for sushi, Sushi Jiro may be the place you would want to head for.

- Dreamyyen -

*All photos were taken with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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