Stage Crew of The USM 11th CNY Charity Gala Celebration, “Mai Union” 2017.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Photo credit: USM SKKT

The 11th Chinese New Year Charity Gala Celebration was one of the biggest events in USM last month, on the 12th of March, 2017. It was the second event that I was involved in, under the Chinese Arts & Cultural Secretariat, or SKKT (Sekretariat Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Tionghua).

The committee members and Event Coordinators (the 1st years) of the event were enrolled last year, during November 2016. Students were required to go through an interview and more than 500 students went for it. Among the enormous number of students that went for the interview, only half of them were chosen and I was one of the lucky candidates. During the interview, I applied for two departments, in which my first choice was Program and Stage, followed by Games. Lucky enough, I was chosen to be in the Program and Stage Department.

During the beginning of my journey to prepare the USM 11th CNY Charity Gala Celebration, I was somehow a little bit out of the circle as I had missed the first two meetings, as well as the first department meeting due to inconveniences. Everyone already had their own cliques and I was always the lone wolf, sitting by the corner during break time. Also, I was the only person from my course (English for Professionals), unlike others who had their own leagues. To be honest, I was afraid that I might not be able to cope with the group. However, by breaking the ice, things had gone pretty smoothly after that. Eventually, things got better during the week before the actual day. This, I need to express my gratitude to the HOD (Voon Tze Ming) and AHOD (Jia Ming, Shi Hui, Kemin, Jocyelyn) of CNY Program and Stage 2017, as well as to the High Committees that gave me encouragement to speak and break through the ice. Not to forget, Roy-roy and James. 

Despite the rocky beginning, I was thrilled and contented at the same time when I knew I was chosen to be in the Program and Stage Department since I have some experience in stage management during my studies in UPSI, my alma mater. Inside the P-and-S Dept, we were divided into subgroups; stage crew, runners, stage caller, artists’ usher, Public-Address-System crew, and Lighting members.

I was part of the stage crew and our job is to make sure that everything on stage goes perfectly. We had to bring things up to the stage (musical instruments, rostrums, anything that goes on stage on that day), clear the stage, and work behind the scenes. Also, it’s not an easy task, please (someone thinks that being a stage crew is an easy job *facepalm*). When a performance ends, we quickly clear the stage and install other equipment for the next performer whilst the Emcees carry on with their introduction speech for the next performance. We always managed to clear the stage on time, all thanks to the long acts by the Emcees. By that, I think we did an excellent job, especially for beginners.

SKKT Mai Union 2017, Program And Stage Department.

Regardless of the challenges we had during the event day, I did learn something out of it and had a fun time working with my team members. I have never regretted my choice of being a part of the SKKT family and I am looking forward to the upcoming events, assisting and creating more memories at the same time.

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  1. Great to see people enjoying this awesome gala event. I too attended one gala event at one of Seattle venues. My many friends accompanied me there. It was so good to be there and enjoy everything. I had good time.