Jonny got himself a surprise!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Jonny is turning 21 this coming Wednesday, 12th April 2017. My friend and I had this party planned since a week ago, during the mid-semester break and to come out with a surprise party for him. 

At first, it was actually Natasha’s (Jonny’s cousin) idea to celebrate his birthday together and I thought why not, we give him a surprise party together with the few of us close friends? Since it’s going to be his 21st Birthday kan. Can pop-it dy. The glory age to do anything legally hahahaha (even though 18 also can dy la but 21 more bah hahaha) and by the expression shown on his face today, I think the surprise was a success?

We went to Harvest In Café(somewhere in Georgetown) to execute our surprise party for him and to drag him there, I had to create a make-believe situation so he doesn’t get what is going on. Well, of course with his innocence kind-of-attitude, he believed and he just follow la macam budak-budak. Can easily kena kidnap one this kid.  

Jonny and I arrived there early and we sat down at the booked table. He was quite surprised though when he saw the long table with chairs and I had to lie a little bit more hahahaha. By the way, It was quite obvious when I mentioned Natasha’s name for the table booking but thank God the waiter uttered it as NA-TA-SHI, and I had no idea why he said that.

Jonny sitting there, waiting. Super innocent sia this boy wtf !

Natasha, Ernest, Aslam, Hanis, Syaheerah and Wana arrived after, and waited outside while lighting up the candles to surprise him. Meanwhile, I convinced Jonny to watch few YouTube videos to avoid his eyes from looking outside. 

Birthday boy watching YouTube video from his phone, hahahahaha!

In they came, Jonny’s face was crafted with surprise and never thought that it was going to be on today (because he saw the group chat we had for his Birthday plan and he thought it’s going to happen on his actual birthday. Fml. A bit fail there hahahaha).

Looking at the menu to order our food.

Syaheerah and Wana

Natasha and Ernest

Aslam and Hanis(with her I need my food! face.)

Jonny and I. Camera too focus on my face la haiyo.

With Hanis, this one better. Hahahahaha

Had myself a Chimichurri steak, a quite palatable one. Never tasted Chimichurri sauce before, for real.

Mushroom soup with bun and warm peach tea.
To be honest hor, the white cream there kan, look a bit like sperm, really! I still cannot get my mind off the view of sperm in my mushroom soup hahahaha

Dessert, peach cake and vanilla ice-cream.

And group photo!

Another one! Wana and Aslam acah-acah diva geetuuuuu. 

After dinner, we went over to Monkeycup Café, a coffee shop on the opposite road of Harvest In Café. We Had some Jenga time together and chit-chatted with each other.

Look at Natasha staring at Syaheerah. Hahahahha

Birthday boy with his Iced Coco drink.

Hot Mocha for myself.

Would you mind to have a chat with me? Hahahaha
(Photo taken with: Samsung S7Edge)

Jonny's Birthday cake!

 I bet all of us had fun today, especially the Birthday boy hor. By the way, I will be uploading the video very soon so, hope you guys can wait for it! I will post it here too so do come back and check out this post again!

- - -  

By the way, In LET102 (History of English) class today, Syaheerah mentioned that Chomsky was one of the contributors of English Literature during the Middle English Era (1500).  

(a Joke where only English majors can understands hahahahaha)

- Dreamyyen -

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