Year of Rooster - Day 1 of Chinese New Year 2K17

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Every year routine, My family and I will be heading back to Papar, where my father's hometown is, to celebrate the night before and the first day of Chinese New Year together. It has been our tradition for the past decades (macam yes, guna the word decade) and our family members have been growing every year, more members lah meaning. 

To go back Papar, I only have one mission and that is to eat my favourite food. When this time come every year, there is only one dish that I am looking forward so much because this dish damn hard to make and requires lot of kung fu to clean the shit out of it. Literally cleaning off the shit okay because thats where the shit flows. LOL wtf. This dish I call, the mother of all inner organs, the pork intestine. Hahahaha

Walao look at it, long long I sibeh cannot tahan. Now looking at this picture also make my mouth watery dy. tmd.

After we put our stuffs down, we head over to my late grandparents house to greet them. To do so, we need to light up the joss-stick and let me tell you what happened. After we bai-bai,  we need to put the incense on the some sort of incense pot to let the incense stand and continue burning. What happened was, when I try to put the incense on the pot, the burnt area on top of the incense dropped on my hand and *PSST* It burnt me madapaka!

exactly the same thing happened.
photo credit to: kaitomcat

The freshly burnt area. Now became dark-dark dy.

After that we started burning the "money","clothes","shoes" and more to our late grandparents and my dad was incharge of it every year. 

After visiting and prayed for my late grandparent, we went back to my aunt house and as usual, my mom will be cooking for the family because the food that she cooks are as delicious as restaurant level. Case close. No need go restaurant makan, waste money. some more Chinese New Year always charge extra. wtf.

Tadaa!!! The food she cooked. Damn restaurant level kan??  
P.S: except the roasted duck and cha siew la, that one confirm buy one. 


Here comes the first day of Chinese New Year. Kok Kok Kok Kok ~~ Yeah that's the chicken crying, or moaning. anything. We went to the temples for my relatives to pray for Chinese New Year. Mom and I standing outside waiting for them and of course, selfie.

Take one with mommy!

And a solo shot.
Credit to my mama of course. Hahaha

Top & Bottom: Brands Outlet
Shoe: Nike Air Max

After visited the temple, we head back to my late grandparent house to bai nian, where all the auntie uncle gathered together and give ang bao then they chit chat for few hours but then we have to take our leave first because heading to Kota Belud next. The journey took about 2 hours or more to reach Kota Belud.

Red/Yellow packets I got from relatives in Papar! Hahaha
I know the window very dirty. I washed the car dy but I didn't wipe it diligently so become like that. fml. 

When reached Kota Belud, we visited my mom's brother, my uncle la technically before heading to the big family, which is my mom's aunt, my da yi po (Grandma's sister). The family members are huge until the old tradition have to come back, where kids need to line up and get their ang bao. Hahahaha

Kids lining up to get their ang bao from my mom.

we stayed there for awhile before heading back to K.K and we end our day with a simple dinner at a restaurant. Mom no more energy dy want cook for us and the first day of CNY is believed to not hold any sharp weapon or whatsoever to avoid quarrel and arguments. Thus, that marked the end of my first day of Chinese New Year 2K17. 

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