Monkeys of the Monkey Beach, Penang.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lets throwback a little bit back to last Sunday on the 18th of December, 2016. My friends and I were planning to go for a hike at the Penang National Park and so we did! The few of us decided to free our minds before the final examination starts (not really). Our route starts from the entrance of Penang National Park to Monkey Beach, which also known as the Teluk Duyung. 

Come let me tell you a short story on how Teluk Duyung had an English name of Monkey Beach:-

"Once upon a time, a Malay mermaid swam to the shore of an island called Pulau Pinang. The mermaid wasn't able to look for food because she could not walk with her fins up on the land. Suddenly, an Ang Mo monkey whom was sitting on the tree saw the mermaid is struggling at the shore. So, the monkey brings along banana with him to offer them to the mermaid. The mermaid with no hesitance, grab the banana and eat all of it. Then from there, the Mermaid will always swim back to the shore to visit Mr.Monkey. Thus, that is how the name of Teluk Duyung was given another name called Monkey Beach."

Okay, I actually made that up. Sorry!

We departed from USM at 6.30 early in the morning and reached Penang National Park around 7.30AM. Once all of us had arrived:-

A Group photo before starting is a mandatory. HAHA

Pulau Pinang National Park board or something, don't know what it called.

With lots of excitement, Wana and Sanchez were leading the way at first.

And we reached our first stop, Jambatan Pasir Pandak.

Continuing our journey to Monkey beach!

Pathway after Jambatan Pasir Pandak.

After this bridge, the pathway becomes harder as it turns into a jungle path. Not only that,  there are lots of fallen trees, land slides and big rocks we had encountered.

Jacky and I, with the tree that has fallen beautifully on a small bridge. LOL.

Another fallen tree, a huge one this time.

And we reached to a stop where it looks like a cage.
Somehow, it feels like we were in Jurassic Park LOL.

Love this one a lot! 

And we've reached to Monkey beach! NOT.

This is just a beach we encountered during our way to Monkey beach. There is a USM Research centre here, on this beach. Not sure what beach it was called, and one good thing for USM students that come to this beach is, you can connect to USMSecure wifi! HAHAHA

We actually delayed for awhile at this unknown beach because of the WiFi. LOL

Just a random sea-view I saw while hiking.

Another challenging path for us :D Fun, fun and more fun ahead!

Going down...

And going up...

and going down again...

And up again...


We've finally arrived!

*Peace* A picture to mark the accomplishment of jungle trekking to Monkey beach. :D

Jacky, dipping himself at the sea. :P

*No caption*

We spent our time here walking around the beach, looking for ketam(crab) lah, conch lah, baby snails lah, play the swing like nobody business, running(not me) by the beach ala-ala drama korea like that. wtf. Till a point where we were all hungry and decided to go back and grab our lunch. Instead of walking back (where most of us no longer have energy left already), we ride on a speedboat to main entrance.

On the boat!

arrived to the jetty and walking back to land.

The wood were scorching as f**k! If you happen to drop an egg on it, 99% probability that your egg will be cooked. 

At Aslam mom's stall. Sitting all of us here on this table marks the end of our journey to the Monkey Beach for the day. Till next time again!

Monkeys taking group picture 1.

Monkeys taking group picture 2. :P


 Dreamy, dream of me. 
- Yen

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