ConvEX'16 Colour Run at Its best!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Photo credit: Onsotism

15th October 2016, One of the greatest day of my life!

It was hard for me to wake up early in the morning yesterday when the sky were crying while I were having my wonderful sleep. The feeling of not going to the ConvEX Colour Run did cross by for a moment.

Thankfully, My mom (LOLOL!) and Jonathan gave me a call so I got myself awake and walk from we walked from our hostel, I.K to Padang Minden, where the location for the run was located. I tell you, the race haven't start I already started to feel tired. From I.K walk to Minden Gate, we basically need to climb up a hill and then go down the hill again.

Anyway, lets the pictures walk to talk:-

Group Photo, still pure and clean. LOL. Were waiting for the run to begin.

Another one. So clean weh I tell you! LOL

Before the run starts, there was an aerobic dances to warm ourselves up and after the dance, everyone coloured everyone else with the given coloured powders!

And we're ready for the run. :D

Another group shot XD
 It started with everyone got wet by the water sprays from the fire extinguisher truck and run for 5KM far. There was a little sloppy hill up but after the u-turn, the run got a bit easier where we only went downhill. To be honest, this was the first run that I never once stopped to walk! I forced myself to jog all the way to the finishing line and I can say it was all worth it because I got myself a top 50 medal! :D 

A photo with Jon! :D

Group photo with my course-mates, the EFPians!

Another one with my other comrades!

More Pictures :P

One more, in a formal way I should say :P

After everyone had completed their run, It's time to PARTY!


I love this photo, look at how enjoyable we were for this after-run session XD

And then we got ourselves free drinks from the RED-BULL Company. The drink distributed was from Europe instead of the one from Thailand. Thank you!

Overall, It was a great experience indeed. :^) 


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