Douglas eats dinner early because He's a Sabahan?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunset by the bay of Shangri-la Resort and spa, by

"You think you are in Sabah? Here is Peninsular, the sun set-down at 8pm"

Some people have this ability to just shut other people off. Not only that, they also have this thing called, the speech of mindless man. 

Just tell me, what is the problem with eating before sunsets (around 6PM) in the West of Malaysia with the East?

So on last Saturday, I called upon my friends to come out for a dinner together, even though I had with me a packet of free food because I was in a program called the Pimpin Siswa Lestari held by the Division of Student Affairs and Alumni of University of Science, Malaysia. So, it was around 6.20PM when I sent the message. 

While waiting for their responses, I had myself fallen asleep on the bed but that is not the problem. When I was awake, I thought of apologising to them because it passed 8PM, which I was shocked but that doesn’t seem to be the thing I need to be worrying about anymore. A friend of mine replied but his respond pissed me off a little, to be honest.

Refusing to eat along, that’s not a big deal for me because I know everyone have the ability to choose what they want. The thing I was pissed about is where he mentioned that, eating early is a habit of the east because peoples in the west eat dinner at 8PM onwards.


Because the fucking sun haven’t set down.

As you see, the sun in the east and west of Malaysia have a gap of an hour at setting-down. The sky in the east turns dark around 6.30PM and as for the West (Peninsular), it usually turns dark at around 7.30PM. Thus, do you think that the statement given is legit?


I mean, it does sounds legit because we usually have our dinner after the sun sets but generalizing us seems a little bit turn-off.

Yes, the sun does set down at around 6.30pm in Sabah and Sarawak but I don’t think that is the problem because back in Sabah, I myself eat dinner at around 8pm – 9pm, almost EVERYDAY.

The generalisation and stereotyping in his choice of words were robust. Let me tell you, not everyone in Sabah eat that early and also I think that not everyone in the west eat that late. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Why didn’t I implement it when I’m studying here? Because most of the time we will have activities or classes that starts at 8pm. So, eating early does make sense doesn’t it? If you can't make it, just say that you can't make it and I don't think it is necessary to do a comparison between east and west.

All I wanted is for us to have dinner together and bond our relationship. Maybe for some people, they think that eating together is not necessary and I can just go dinner by myself. Yes, I can. I used to being alone anyway but the reason why is that, I do not have the strength to leave the people I know behind. I just can’t do that.

For him and maybe for some of you who are reading this, it may seems like a joke but not everyone will think of it as a joke, moreover with the intonation used. Joking has it limit, and stereotyping a certain things make you seems uneducated.


Suddenly I came to realised that maybe I am not a friend but merely an acquaintance. 


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