Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yeah, why.
You have been changing your blog link multiple of times.
Don’t you feel tired? – asked the inner mind.
“Kinda… but I just can’t resist of changing it.”
But why?
Shimwiwon is a nice name.
"But its not my real name".
It is, isn’t it?
"But it’s in Korean, and I’m not".
Then why did you use it in the first place.
I no idea. Cool, I think?
Cool you say but why did you change it?
"No idea, feel like changing."
I said, you're selfish.
You lost your readers because they can't find you.
You are vanished, just like that.
Are you sad?
"A little..."
It's too late, isn't It?
"Nay, I chose to change it. Let it be."

Still curious, why?


Photo credit: Samkillermann.com

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