Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When it comes to rain,
I always have this feeling,
the feeling of longing for something,
not this not that,
but what we called as warmness.
I tend to have this feeling of needing it (the warmness),
not from machine that uses power source,
or any device or a warm water,
but the warmness of the body,
the heat of the circulating blood inside someone’s,
I just always crave for it,
but then it is not something you can get easily,
thus, pillows and bolsters are like my savior.
I really owned a lot of them,
having them sitting by my side,
and hug them.

When it comes to rain,
I also tend to be more emotional,
not sad not angry, not hungry definitely,
I can’t really understand this feeling I’m having.
how should I put this into words?
It felt gloomy but not sad,
and a bit dark but not evil,
cold but not dead,
need but not crave,
just gloomy.

Looking at the raindrops drippin’,
It makes me feel a little bit tingling in my heart,
I feel like crying along with the raindrops,
but not because I feel sorrowful,
 Only because I feel like leaking together with the rain,

sounds weird but it’s true.
It seems to be so many things going on with the sky,
That sometimes a small drizzling rain can turn into a heavy downpour.
Did the sky have a fight with earth?
Sometimes you can even see disasters happened,
Just by what the sky did…?
Okay, apparently I’m out of my point.
Totally running off the trail.

So what I was trying to say,
Rain makes me have this feeling that other normal days can't do.
I can say that I love rain more than any other weather but,
I don't like it when it rain too heavy,
especially when there are lightning and thunder,
those scares me off.
Yet, when It just rain without the support effects from others,
It makes me feel calm,
to cuddle someone to sleep,
And somehow,
It makes me miss someone,
a person that I once truly loved,
and still now...

It is beautiful, Isn't it?
The rain.
It washes away all the pain of yesterday,
and it makes you cry today,
So you can move on tomorrow.


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