Lying on Trust.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

When someone starting to lie at you or hiding a secret from you,
you start to realise that you are no longer important to them.
They start to distance themselves,
With a very obvious start.
By saying they are busy with something else,
Yet they are doing other things.
Well, It is better if I do not know,
but what if you found out that they are lying, by yourself?

That feeling, Indescribable. 

You can lie to a person, 
but you can't keep that lie a secret for long.
It tend to have the person who got lied with a way,
a way to find out that you are lying.
Like i said previously,
finding out the secret or the lie by yourself is not a very good feeling.

You still get broken-heart by it.
Not because we are in an intimate relationship or what-so-ever,
but it is something that we call "trust".
And in every friendship will have a wall that is so fragile,
fragiler than an egg shell.

I suppose this is how my trust on you is no longer exist,
I did not confront you doesn't mean I don't know,
I just want to see how good are you taking me as an Idiot.

Just so you know,
the wall has fallen, 
and will never be mended. 

I had enough bullshit.


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