Acceptance and moving on.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Life is not as easy as we thought.
We can’t really make everything to go in our way.
During the journey of growing older,
You get hurt more and more,
Doesn’t matter if it’s Love, health or wealth,
That is just the process of growing.

As for now, I had enough of getting myself into a relationship.
I had enough with heartbreaks repeated over and over again.
I had been in two failed relationship, and one unrequited.
That redundant feeling,
I don’t want it to happen again.
Getting yourself back into the pool of heart-breaks,
The feeling is really sorrowful.
I cannot get it how someone can move on so quickly after break-ups.

My life, it wasn’t that bad at all.
I have shelter, a place to sleep and a place where I can feel protected.
I have my mom, the person who loves me the most than anyone else.
I have no worries on hunger, foods are enough.
I have no worries with entertainment.
It wasn’t bad.
It’s a blessed one.

Things happened on earth wasn’t eternal,
But to believe in God and loving him will grant you with everlasting life.
I always remind myself with these words whenever bad thoughts came by.
Just for an instant, suicide.

Because of one people who doesn’t care about you,
Doesn’t mean others don’t.
I still have my parents,
I still have my best-friend,
The few of them still love me and I trust them.

Thus, what I really want now is to let go of the past,
Keep them inside the box, lock it and demolish the key.
I won’t say it as a new beginning but the acceptance of the truth and move on.

“Moving on is not forgetting but as an act of accepting. The truth is when you loved someone, you will love them forever.” – Kristian Kenneth,

Love, Shimwiwon.

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