Virgin dining at Shoney's Dining & Bar

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hye guys! 
First of all, Happy Easter Sunday to everyone who celebrates! Christ has Risen, Alleluia! 

Anyway, As you have seen from the picture above, also by the title, I am going to blog about this very mouth-watering and worth-the-price western dining placed in somewhere the Sabahan called the Gaya Street. For your information, if you plan to go for dinner here at Shoney, kindly place your booking earlier as this place is always full! 

Just like what happened to us the other day. We forgotten to place our booking and we just went over to Shoney's after watching the Divergent series: Allegiant , trying our luck and apparently we got lucky, but at 9 O'clock. #Truestory

Upon reaching, we were so starving that looking at the menu make us hungry. Thus, without further thought, each of us ordered a different main dishes to try on. Crystal thought of Chicken Chop would be a nice choice and Heidi gone with the T-bone steak. For me, I always go for lamb chop because, a good western restaurant must have a good lamb chop. #Justkidding

Each of the main dishes come with three side dishes and you can choose it among 7 different types of side-dish.


As you have seen on the menu above, we ordered the Shoney's Platter and we had totally NO IDEA how huge the portion was going to be. As heard from Myles, its going to be huge but I hardly believe. If you want to know how big the portion is, keep on reading! XD

We drop our order on Strongbow's ciders for drinks. It comes with Berries, Apple, Gold (which is apple too but with stronger alcohol content) and another was the Elder flower I supposed.

For me, I go with The Strongbow Gold Apple Cider because it taste more alcoholic yet it ciderious. Okay, I make that word up. It doesn't exist. 

While waiting for our food to be serve,

The Anti-social generation.
No one was going to start the conversation even I requested. 
And once the food arrive, here comes the Asian way of eating, Camera first! 

This was what I had ordered, the Shoney's lamb chop. Side dishes: Coleslaw, Mashed potatoes and wedges. 


Another shot with greatly divided pieces. Those were three huge pieces of lamb chop I tell you!

This was Heidi's T-Bone steak. Side dishes: Fried wonton skin, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

When it comes to mixed vegetables, I thought it was going to be those you know, green peas mixed with corns and carrots. you know, those packets mixed veges? yep. But I was wrong. LOOK, just look at the picture. *heavy breathing*

And this was Crystal's Chicken Chop. Side Dish: Wedges, Mashed Potatoes and mixed vegetables.

In their mixed vegetables, there are: cucumbers, eggplants, carrots and ... beans.

Oh, we also ordered a appetizer, the buffalo's wings. Really good. hands down.

All right,

and here comes the high-light of the whole dining in Shoney's,

I present to you,

The Shoney's special,

The mighty and generous...


Just look at the portion!!! There are everything I tell you, EVERYTHING!



And... Lots and lots more.

For your information, This platter is enough for 4 persons and you know what? We didn't even touch our main dishes, (except the side dishes from the our main).

Here are the full view of the delightful and satisfying dinner we had.

After hours, we finally manage to clear the buffalo's wings and the superbly generous platter by Shoney. 

Once again, Hands down. the best western dining I ever had so far. Totally recommend this to everyone. And if you really want to try all the food in Shoney's, just go with the platter. Almost everything inside of this platter.

Thus, I'll take my leave now as I had enough food-porn for today.

Till next time,


*All pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3*

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