Taking opportunity, sort of.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Had quite a tiring yet-not so tiring day today.

Took a MC off work today, had a slight body-heat (fever to be specific but can't really count as fever) and headache. Also, took the chance to gone over to my secondary school for documents ratification that going to be use for the public varsity enrollment.

During the ratification of my legit documents, I had it done by my secondary school new Senior Assistant of students' affair. He said that he do not recognised me (well of course, i'm not a famous student either way) and asked me to prove to him that I'm an ex-student of my school.

So, he asked me three questions.

1. Name three teachers that have taught you during Sec 5.
2. Who was your P.E teacher.
3. Who was the Headmister/mistress during your study in this school.

To be honest, I was a bit stuck during the first question because, It's not that I don't remember my teachers' name but I was too nervous that I lost of words! You know that feeling?

But anyway, I'm glad that I got my documents ratified.

further ado, feeling much better during the evening pass 2 O'clock and watched two movies (Peanuts the movie and The Intern), taking up the opportunity during MC to watch movies, pfft. Oh by the way, The Intern movie was really good. Anne Hathaway for the win! :D

And I just done with a simple indoor exercise and exhausted myself. I gone REAL fat after back in my hometown. eating and eating and eating all the way, where relatives and friends  had saw the changes in my body figure. #FML

Anyway, gonna take my leave now, taking a great shower and will update this blog with some food-porn of last weekend!

- s.w.w - 

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