Shimwiwon: As Tele-sales & RMA #1

Monday, February 01, 2016

A customer called and asked,

"Hey, do you have wireless mouse?"

And this customer thought I know who he is.

"Yes we do have. May I know which company are you from?"

Because I'm working in a product distributing company, our product price are confidential to public.

And he replied, telling me his company name (which I familiar with) in kinda rush.

Thus I replied to him,

"We have different models on Wireless mouse." And so I introduced to him the first item. Before I get to give him the price for the second item, he cut me in with a question,

"Is the mouse works using battery?"

*Facepalm* And I feel like reply him this way,

"No la. use petrol. And since petrol price lowered by 10 cent dy, can save up a bit."

Instead, I just replied him with a "Yes".


Hey guys! So as u can see, I'm starting on this very first post of my experience working as a tele-sales and customer services (so I got more things to update and keep my blog healthy. Wahaha). Sometimes, questions from customers are kinda bonus and funny, aren't they? So I thought of writing out some of my experience answering those customer funny, common sense questions.

Oh! And welcome the month of February! It's my favourite month of the year because it's my birthday month. wahahahha.



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