Lunar New Year Eve 2016.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Hye guys! Happy Lunar New Year's eve to everyone! It is the night before Lunar New Year and on this day, majority of the Chinese will have their relatives reunite again to have a reunion dinner before the BIG DAY day after tonight.

I just had my reunion dinner with my family members and I can't wait for tomorrow!

Tonight's reunion dinner with family members.

What makes me excited were the clothes that I had bought for 4 days straight of New Year! XD Oh, and also Ang baos! But it doesn't really make me excited than wearing new clothes. Heheheh.

Anyway, Hope all those who celebrating this Lunar New Year to have a great celebration and DA HOU NIAN (big monkey year) and don't bring too much Monkey business home. :P

Gonna take my leave now. Mom is chasing me to bath XD.

- s.w.w -


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