Kendall & Kylie Game Bug Guide.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hye guys!

Apparently, I stumbled upon this new game called "Kendall & Kylie",It's new mobile app-game that was released not long ago in the apps store for both android and apple. If you ever heard of the Kim-K game, they are under the same publisher (or was it developer? either way). 

It was fun and I really enjoyed playing this game! Yet, there is a small problem that seems to bother not just me, but everyone else who are playing this game too. 

So, enough with introducing the game to you guys (cux apparently those who clicked should be currently playing and looking for the bug fix,  i bet) and lets talk about the real matter, shall we?

If you're playing K&K, I bet you knew that this game currently is having lots of bugs that need to be fix but now, lets endure with the bugs until the next update. 

All right. one of the most common bug that I think everyone are currently experiencing is the rolling back of your gaming progress. you played the game, vlogged, done achieving what you need and you log off your game. Then, you logged back in, everything back to the previous stat. 

And here is a solution I found out (not really going to solve the thing, but just a way for me to keep on playing before they update).

1. You may try getting out from the place where you started your vlogging or events. Meaning, try to get yourselves to another map,  it will (might work) to save your previous data.

2. Once you move to the next map, stay in the map for few second (10 sec or so) and exit. wait for a minute and enter back into the game. See if you're lucky enough to have your data getting saved. It doesn't work 100% but it does work sometimes. 

I strongly recommend you not to continuously playing when you have done a quest, like waiting for your energy to be replenish while you're inside. Try exiting the game and enter back so you can know if your game is getting rolled back or not.

If your game gets a sudden app-closure and back to homescreen, i can guarantee 99% that your game has rolled back to your previous data. 

Anyway, let's hope that they will  fix this bug ASAP. 



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