3 Basic Men's fashion mistakes that you should avoid.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Men. Majority of them are not really into fashion or do not even care about it and most men are just simple (not the Metro-sexual type, obviously). They just wear anything as long it covers them and appearance? is not really in their concern.

Thus, somehow it leads them into wearing disaster-able wears that is just simply a sore to the eye. If you are one of those individuals who hardly have any clue on the men’s fashion mistakes, continue scrolling and get some tips gentlemen:

1. Wrinkles

Okay. Apparently this is the most common of all. The wrinkles on your shirt and trousers. If it's just a little wrinkle on it, that is okay but it still makes you look, untidy or merely it shows that you're lazy. Well, I admit that sometimes I do wear wrinkles shirt to classes because of time limitation. But to Some guys even purposely making their shirts wrinkly just to make it look "fashionable"? Yeah right. Dear gentlemen who did that, you just make yourselves look worst. Less wrinkles the better.

Here's a tip: If you're too lazy to do ironing, try getting shirt that are made from wool.  I owned a lot of woolly type of shirt now because, laziness at it best and I'm sure you won't regret it. 

2. Sandals with socks

THIS ONE. I tell you, don't la please. can you wear sandals properly or not? sandals are meant to be wear without socks. When you wear socks with sandals, it makes you look so silly like a clown, seriously. unless you're hot like David Beckham and that's a different case la(woooooo. Here comes the judgmental mind). But it's true, you see.

For countries that stays in the region of equator, you don't need to wear socks while wearing a sandals, do you? It's understandable for countries that have snows, because it's cold so you need something to cover up but for country like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc,? No. Hot siol! 

Here are some tips: If you want to cover up your legs, pair it up with sneakers or loafer. It definitely looks better, and if you are wearing a short-pants, wear ankle-length socks.

3. Mismatched clothing

I think everyone in this world are having the struggles of matching clothes together. When mixing different range of bright colours together (like yellow with blue with pink), it totally makes you look horrendously weird. In my opinion, darker colours (black, dark blue) are the easiest colour to match with. Go with deep colours as it makes you look more classy. And if you are wearing something brown, like a shoe, match them with the same coloured watch strap so you can balance the colour within your outfit.

Here's a tip: Never wear more than three different colours in an outfit. It looks messy and clattered. 

Have some insights about the basic now, gentlemen? Hope it helps you even with a little tiny of changes on you. Go and impress your girlfriend! or Boyfriend. :P

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