The one and only visible present I received on Christmas.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

I know, I know. It's pretty late to update about last Christmas, but hey, Christmas was only two weeks ago. xD

Anyway, This year Christmas, I had a little surprise from a wonderful close friend of mine that whom is currently studying in Penang. You know who you are. *wink* It was my first also the only Christmas gift I receive this year, I mean in term of visible items. Materialistic Douglas, pfft. XD

This gift was couriered directly from Penang to Sabah and the funny thing is, it reached after Christmas XD but at least it's not over the New Year lah hor. 

When i received the package, I was excited to open and also very curious what was inside, because the box was very confusing. Hahaha

It was boxed with a cornflakes box. LOL.

And there was a gift for my parents too!

And this was mine. I opened the present paper very carefully and it was well-kept in a folder now xD

And this was it! A wonderful Christmas present I received and I really love the book a lot! Apparently, I have read 18 chapters already. It's a book where reminds me to a lot of things and I really appreciate this gift, a lot. Thank you so much, dear. ;^) you know who you are.

- d.s.w.w -

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