The one who out of existence.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Have you ever encounter or stumbled upon someone's funeral in your Facebook news feed, Instagram or any social media you're using? Someone who have no relation with you, but it was posted by your friends or acquaintance in your social media.

To be honest, I actually dislike people posting about someone's funeral, especially those with pictures of the passed whom is sleeping in the coffin.

before you bash me with "wtf? don't you have sense of sympathy and empathy?", I do. I don't mind if someone post a picture of them before they passed away, like... let's just put it in few words, pictures of memories. And then, with some words of appreciation to the passed. I know the feel of how sorrowful it is in losing someone because I experienced it too, few times. 

Like I've mentioned above, I dislike only when they post the pictures of the passed away, that their face and body can be seen sleeping in the coffin.

Try to imagine, when you wake up early in the morning, having a real good mood or having a fun time and you started scrolling down your social media to loosen up a bit when suddenly you see a post of someone's pale face, closing their eyes, sleeping peacefully in the coffin (obviously you will know it's a dead person). Isn't it unpleasant? Like a total mood-breaker.

Other than that, I think it's inappropriate too and it's quite disrespectful to the one who is sleeping in the coffin. don't you think?

like, "why you post my photo sial?!" says the dead. wtf me.

"Everyone will begone, don't be such a sore-loser wi-won."

I know. I will eventually end up there too. But, I wouldn't want someone post my pictures of me lying in the coffin on social media. Try to think of your friends in your social media. Do they want to see that kind of pictures? Is it appropriate at any-time?  

Sometimes when I saw that kind of pictures of "them", It will actually stuck in my mind and will somehow get into my dream. I don't like it. Feels like a nightmare to me. Someone that I don't know came into my dream, haunting me, "boo~".

I apologise if this post offended someone out there with this sharing of my humble thoughts.


Oh, and Salam Maal-Hijrah. :')

- s.w.w -

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