The fate of the 2015 UPSI Diploma graduates.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Convocation is just a month ahead, getting excited and can't wait to graduate with wearing a robe, a mortarboard and a hood. Going up onto the stage, taking the scroll, walking out from the graduation hall and launch the mortarboard up to the sky as a sign of completion.

That was what in the mind of all the UPSI Diploma students that will be graduating on this 24th to 28th of November, the UPSI 17th Convocation (session 2).

Unfortunately, it turned out that on this year, all the diploma students will not be wearing the mortarboard and hood but just a simple plain blue robe.

For the past 15 years of convocation ceremony (since Diploma first entered in the year of 2000), It falls onto us, the 2015 Diploma graduates.

As you can see on the figure above, it is confirmed by the Senate that the diploma students are just going to wear a plain blue robe. I repeat, only a "plain. blue. robe". It's just like you're covering yourselves with a fabric.

we paid the same amount of ONE HUNDRED RINGGIT MALAYSIA (RM100) just like the bachelor degrees, master and phD, no less no more, but what we get is just going to be a plain blue robe. No strips, no hood, no mortarboard.

Are we the Diploma students have no value to UPSI? is our value just as empty as a plain blue robe?

We knew that this year convocation is going to be a huge one which loaded up to three batches of Diploma students but I don't think the one reason of "not having enough for all" is a good reason to give. There are always another alternative to make it enough, just that they don't want to.

Once it's applied, never should you pull it back. If the varsity come out with the thoughts of pulling back what they had applied before, it should have never been applied since the very first time. It is just too unfair for us. Somehow, it makes us feel like the varsity is devaluing our dignity. 

Have the varsity ever thought about the feelings of the students' parents? They come with a hope to see their son/daughter wearing the robe with a mortarboard, holding the scroll, being proud of them to finally graduate. Yet now? 

Oh, what can we say. To some others, this post is just another rants of a scholar who do not appreciate what the university gave. Immature. That is not the way to express our heart-felt.

unfortunately, I am sorry to say that you are wrong if you think it that way. 

I myself personally love my varsity and I am very thankful to Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris for all the knowledge given. I appreciate and I love my lecturers. Those memories that were made while studying in the university are just, wonderful. 

I don't blame the lecturers or the varsity itself, I am just simply disappointed with what the management did to us.

And I think expressing something reasonably is not a wrong thing to do.

Oh well, let us just accept the fate of being one of UPSI Diploma students for the 17th convocation ceremony.

"Diploma je pun" 

- d.s.w.w -

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