Ignorant Fuck.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I just could not understand some people. Some of them are so ignorant and being so selfish, thinking only about their feelings and not others.

Previously, I had this situation where I was deleted by an ignorant fuck. He used to be a friend of mine and due to certain circumstances, our friendship ended for some period. And about two weeks ago, I stumbled upon him somewhere and we had a small chat. Normal question, like "how have you been doing?" , any question of this sort. He then spurt out his thoughts, asking me to add him back in a social chat.

So I thought that since the matter has passed so long, let's just forget about it and befriend again. I added him and he accepted. Few days later, I felt something unusual. So I went and throw out a "Hi" as a starter of the chat. And you know what was the reply?

"XXX has requested friend verification. Please send a friend request to chat."

Why would you ask someone to add you, and few days later, you delete them from your friend list and block them with no telling the reason why? If that so, why do you want to offer others to commit the act of adding you as friend if you're going to delete them afterwards?

This is why I couldn't understand some people minds. So fucked-up. He definitely has spoiled my mood for the entire week already.

And a bad start-up for the month of October. Geesh.

- s.w.w -

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