I'm working for now.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hye guys!

It has been two weeks since I last updated (?). Yeap,  I'm pretty busy these days, my apologies.  As quoted on the title, I found myself a job, apparently and working at the moment. Rather than just sitting at home doing nothing, it's better to get my ass off for work, right?

Lots of my friends were asking me why aren't I continuing my study. For now, I don't feel like going back to the varsity at the moment because, well, for some reason. It's not that my education sucks. I did well on my Diploma, just that I feel like having a break from studying for now.

Yeah, you guys might think that I am wasting my time right now, I know, but forcing myself into something I don't feel like doing, i don't think it will work well right? Anyway, I'll surely continue my studies before the end of next year. So, no worries! And to all my friends who got enrolled, congratulations and study well!

I am currently also working on a new fiction, thus I might not be very active at blogging for the time being. BUT, I will try my best to update once a week. This fiction is not suitable for public views, thus I'll update you with the title once it's completed.

Before I leave, 

Here's a picture of me, enjoying this spicy tom yam from a nyonya-type of restaurant. 

And almost my everyday dinner, exclude the soju.

- s.w.w -

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  1. It's okay lah Dougy. You aren't wasting your time pun. Do what you love as long as you're happy. It your life. Am waiting for your fiction ^^

    1. same goes to you, Aimi. All right! I'll tell you once the fiction is complete. :P