First Look: MusicMan Online SEA Open Beta!

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Hey guys. So for the past few days, I've been trying out this new online dancing game called the MusicMan Online. It was first released in Chinese version and on the last 28th July 2015,  MusicManSEA opened their game in English version for everyone to enjoy. This game is under the same developer as HighStreet 5, once an infamous online dancing game back in around 2006 to 2009. 

I started trying this game out since it first opened beta and I was pretty excited to try it out though. Here are some screenshots on the first look into the game.

This is how the client looks like. 
Yup, as you can see on the background, My charming Ahri. :3 

The log-in page where you need to type in all your info before you really get into the game.

"Warning: You will surely get hooked by playing this game in a good way but don't forget to spend time with real people in real life too."

 And I really like how the game warn you about getting hooked up in the game. such confidence. xD

the current loading screen for the game. 

This is the character selection screen. You choose one from these six pre-made characters and you can redesign them suiting it to your taste/style.

Trynna style my character's face. It looks like a Korean-type-of-guy, don't they?

You can even choose your body shape, From being normal shape to very skinny, which kinda weird cux your thigh look like a twig. o_o

When you create a room, you basically open your OWN room. you can design your room in the house tab and  show it off to everyone. 

The arrow shown on the screenshot above was actually a guide to you for quests, so it was kinda simple for you to understand what to do with your quests.

I'm trying out a game on the normal mode in Music Man, the 4-Directional Key Choreography.  There are 4 modes in MMSEA, the normal one, 4/8Keys Choreo, Rhythm, Beats and Slash mode.

trying it out with some other peoples on the stage.

This is the Home screen of your game, as you can see above, there are several choices of buttons(?).

Arena (Star) : 
Where you create/join a room to compete with others. No EXP when playing alone.

Story (Hexagon) :
There is a Story mode in this game where you accomplish the mission given and complete the stories. To move on you are required to complete all 3 stages (easy,normal,hard), reaching the required level and Charms level.

Home (The one look like a House) :
You click this to go in to your house and edit/decorate your own room. You gain charm from buying furniture and decorations.

Mall (Heart) :
The basic of all dancing game, the mall. I don't need to clarify on this right? xD

Themed Club (Diamond) :
Theme club are kinda similar to the arena, but then you can gain EXP by dancing without competing or waiting others and you need "Happiness" to gain EXP, which requires payment. No worries, In-game currency.

City (The-circle-kinda in the middle):
CITY. Just like HS5. You get to drive your car, walk around, work, etc.

This is how the city looks like:

I'm impressed with how nice the graphic is!

Another one, viewing on the upcoming city-expansion update on the Shopping Mall.

one more, looking at the cafe where you can gain exp by "working" (afk-spot).

Yup, I'm in the middle of the road and you can see a car right over there. Well, that's the NPC's car.

This is the Themed Club. you dance with everyone or alone, gaining exp.

The musics selection page. I like how they design the interface with CD's on the sides, make you feel like you're playing from the CD. Hahaha. Imagination.

Trying out one of the gestures and this one was the "Broken-Heart" gesture. Hahahaha.

I was playing Story mode in this stage. As you can see the Win Condition on the left, you need to pass all of the requirements in order to move on. One con about this story mode is that it requires stamina to play. 

Another story mode game. This one is the Rhythm mode.


Once, Rank 8 on the whole server.

62 Perfect chain. Full Combo-chain on Fire by 2NE1.

Till I see you again!

- s.w.w -

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