I am back and guess what?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

As what have written on the title, I am back in blogging.

Like what I have mentioned in the post before, there were too many things bugging on my mind and I don't feel like writing anymore. well, It actually does. I lost my mood in writing and whenever I wanted to blog about something, I just felt like "ugh, what do I have to write?!". But then someone make me realized that what is the reason that I need stop? why did I started to blog in first place? I have been blogging since 2013, am I going to stop it just like that? And there are actually readers reading my blog, even though it's not many. 

Thus, I made up my mind and told myself, Come on Douglas. Continue. And so yeah, I'm back now. After being MIA for a month.

Well, there's actually nothing much going on in my life lately and my life is just so so sooooo boring. I haven't got myself a job yet, because I was having my driving lessons these two months. And I basically wasting my time at home, playing League of Legends and all sort of games to entertain myself. Sometimes just helping out my mom babysitting. Oh, btw, I have the fundamental on becoming a great dad. :P *peace*    

Talking about driving lessons, I just done with my JPJ Test last Tuesday. It was scary as fuck. You know why? I'll tell you why. 

In the previous years, JPJ tests were a piece of cake. No joke. You just need to pass the three tests in the circuit and also the road test. But in the year of 2015, JPJ implemented and revamped the whole syllabus and added few more tests after your Computer test. 

First test is the RPK Test.  RPK(Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan) or the Vehicle Inspection Routine(VIR) is a test where you need to explain everything you see on the beautiful white Kancil to the Tester, including what's in the bonnet and the boot. You have to go one round saying things like:-
"The front mirror is in good condition"
"The tire is in good condition"
"The brake oil are enough"
"The water level for the battery are enough"

All sorts of things. And you have to check your engine oil too! that's the main point. 

The second test is the Circuit test. Before, it was three parts that you need to pass. The Hill, Side Parking and 3-Pointer. For this year, there are additional 2 more parts for you, the "S"- Turn and the "Z"- Turn. Overall, you need to pass all 5 parts in order for you to go on to the Road test. 

The last one is the Road test. On the road is the easiest among all the test. All you need to do is to drive carefully and not to drive too fast nor too slow. 

But guess what? Even though JPJ has added these few more obstacles, I passed. All at one-go. No repeat. And I will be getting my "P" license reaalll soon. Yayyyyy!!! Now I can drive legally. Hahahahaha. xD 

I really want to thank my driving tutor who taught me tremendously well in all parts of the tests and all the moral supports these two months, and also all the Mr and Mrs JPJ who being good to me last Tuesday, Thank You! 

Oh, And Fuck you Mr.Uncle-Who-fucking-rush-to-Reborn-to-the-next-life who took my RM150 but didn't teach me anything about the RPK and scold me like I hutang you on the previous generation only. I pay you to teach okay not to scold me. Gosh. It's like I paid him for nothing! I didn't learn anything from him, all he did was scolding me when I'm driving on the road, and said my driving sucks. Oh Please, you shout in the car like a fucking-60-year old aunt who lost her fish to the other aunt in the market. ugh, still very angry with this uncle. >;( 

Anyway, with all the circumstance these two months, I finally got myself a life achievement.

Malaysia Legal Driver, Achieved!

- See you when I see you -
- s.w.w -

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  1. Congrats dougy! Wish me luck pulak test jpj bulan august ni. Haha. Takuuuuuuuut meh.

    1. Hahaha thank youu! All the best nanti bulan Aug!