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Monday, June 08, 2015

My mind is not in the ease now. I can't really blog these days. Too many things are bugging my mind but I can't really know what it is. I'm also getting lazy and lazier in blogging, like I don't feel like writing anymore. thinking of what to write making my mind more mess up.

I thought playing games would sooth my mind off but instead, It made me more stress. I'm currently on a losing spree in League of Legends since yesterday. I played 19 games, and I lost all 19 games. I am just too newbs in this game, and to team up with noobs, it became a bunch of useless team that can't even push a tower down. Seriously man. I have no fucking idea why I am so bad luck. even some noobs can win one or two games in 10 games, but I lost all 19 games? T__T I wanna cry man. Make me more stress. sigh...

I lodged a police report three months ago regarding my lost phone and a week ago, the person who took my phone and not giving it back to me tried to hijack my email address. well, he did hijacked where he changed my email password and phone number that use for verification. Yet, I was able to get my email address back thanks to my alternate email I use for my current one, if not I will be losing it forever. T.T

After that I try contact the Sargent that I met when lodging my police report the other day and gave her all the information, but she like doesn't give a damn at all about it -.- Yeah la, the phone already lost for 6 months already, but shouldn't they act it out since they invaded my privacy? Ugh. No Idea.

I'm currently on my way completing my driving license. Yay for me, like I'm twenty-one now and just want to take license. well, I passed my computer test with the score of 46 out of 50 questions. Which I am happy about cux I read it a day before I went to the exam. wtf me. so now I am currently on my 4th hour of driving lesson and will be having my two hours lesson this coming Wednesday. I think I will be getting my license by the end of June or early July. Hope I can pass in one-go. *God bless me please T.T*

Earthquake, the big disaster that happened on my homeland the other day. I felt the tremors in K.K and it was so scary. the land was shaking and u felt that yourself just can't stand still. somehow I felt like I were having a headache. The glasses hanging in our kitchen can hear them clinging to each other. It happened for ten seconds before it stopped. Things happened so quickly and when I logged on to my Facebook, my news feed were flooded with news of earthquake. I didn't really know it was an earthquake at first to be honest because never have I ever experience any of this mother nature disaster before. And to know that the Earthquake happened on our beloved Mount Kinabalu, I was quite saddened because the mountain was scarred and losing a lot of precious lives. Tremors were felt for the past 3 days and the last one was felt last night. God bless Sabah and I hope it won't happen anymore.

- s.w.w -

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