The Few wise quotes I found when cleaning my desk.

Monday, May 18, 2015

I was actually trying to study for my driving license test this Wednesday but I ended up cleaning those junks in-front of my study desk -.- While I'm cleaning, throwing useless stuffs or whatsoever, I stumbled upon few sheet of papers written with words. I think it was written during the period of my Secondary 4 or 5(that was around 3 - 4 years ago). These are the few quotes I wrote (don't know where I got it from last time. lewl). I wonder what happened to the Douglas 3 years ago.

"People get fooled by relation and become miserable by scar of love. But we still love."

"Hatred is mostly jealousy or one sided love."

"You glance into the abyss, but the abyss is also looking through this."

"The phrase "Love makes you crazy" keep on repeating. Eventually Love will lead to insanity."

"Friendship is like a silent moon, the sun doesn't rise, the sky beyond myself is invisible. However, one love meets the light, it colour starts to fade away."

" How do you remember what do you remember you remember? Based on what you're remembering, it creates a map to each others' hearts."

"A person has to say goodbye to a lot of thing whenever the time comes." (I LIKE THIS T-T)

"Three matches are being lighted one by one at night. First one is to see you face. next one is to see you eyes, and the last one is to see you lips. Other dark place are to remember all of you and embrace you."

"There's always gloomy, rainy days, in people's lives."

"There's no more sun or flower, there's no love for me when I realize that, my heart is in pain, and the cloudy days reminds me of the day you died, maybe I like that."

"When you go to bed, the person who is looking forward for tomorrow is a happy person."

"Who can make a rule for people who are in love. Love itself is the greatest rule of all."

"One stream of sunlight is enough to make many shadow disappear."  (Love this one too. Hahaha)

"To love, to be loved, that's all. That is the rule. That is why we exist. A person who finds comfort in love is afraid of nothing."

- d.w.w -

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