Mom's Luscious Laksa.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Yes, I changed my blog link, again. well, It's not a huge change this time where I only threw my nickname "Dougy" to my surname. so yeah, the new link is (hope I won't change again and get my very own domain one day).

Anyway, I just done with my dinner where my mom cook for us some Laksa. It was her first attempt in cooking Laksa yet it was a success!

When she's preparing the broth and also other ingredients inside (prawns, tender chicken meat)

 Pouring the broth into a bowl of cooked vermicelli. :D

 Another pour hahahaha. The prawns are so succulent and fresh.

 Mom's home-cook Laksa with prawns and chicken meats. :D

A close look of my mom's luscious home-cook laksa for dinner.  Hahahaha

- s.w.w -

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