Zanmai in KK! + Lockdown: Seven

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Okay, Zanmai is in K.K for a period now. I only knew about it on last Friday  where my friends and I went for Lockdown and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Lockdown is almost similar to the Escapee that my friend and I played few weeks ago, just a little different where Lockdown is more towards education and knowledge (in my opinion la). Not that I say Escapee is not educational and knowledgeable, just that Lockdown have lots more words than Escapee (not sure about other stages, but the game we played, "Seven" required a lot of reading and clues finding).

To be honest, it wasn't that interesting if to compare with "The Circus" because apparently I was expecting some horror or the "goosebump-thingy"(wtf?), but it was pretty interesting though, where we need to crack codes for the Seven types of deathly sins. 

The quests was pretty hard but when approaching to the end, we started to know what is for what (the clues on the wall/boxes/whatsoever).  And Yay for us! We manage to escape the room, with a good ending. *cheers!*

Groufie! Got a normal group photo one but then it was too ugly wtf.

Selfie with the board like wtf Douglas.

Then we went for movie before heading for dinner. At first we thought of going to Sushi Tei because of the 40% off for the bill (except drinks and desserts), but then the line was SOOOO long like it was going to have a free sushi for everyone. Then we look down the escalator (where Sushi Zanmai was located, the line was pretty long too, and we thought of going to McD in Api-Api, but on the second thought, we back to Zanmai. LOL

 Groufie again in Zanmai. We got the VIP room and seriously, it was the best cux you know why? Because I can selfie as many I want and nobody will judge except my friends. That's why. HAHAHA

And selfie while waiting for our food to arrive. 

Another one. Hahahaha!
A table photo while waiting for our food. Such randomness.

Hotate Mentaiko (Mentai scallops)

Salmon sushi of course.

Unagi sushi, ma second favouriteee! 

 These were the dishes we ordered for our dinner in Zanmai. Hahaha

 Ebidon, one of my all time favourite in Zanmai besides the Tamago Mentai. Hahaha

And one more selfie with Crystal's wolf hat. hahahaha

Bahhh!! Bye! Ngam ngam finish and got thunder. till next time! and I'm gonna make some sushi rolls. Hahahaha.

- d.w.w -

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