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Monday, April 20, 2015

We planned on this outing for weeks! 

Yeah, so as you know, I am now back in Sabah and this time it's going to be for a while. A while in what I mean is like not awhile but a "while". you geddit? LOL It's going to be long. why you so complicated la Douglas. It has been exactly three weeks since I am back in KK and also I've been missing out from blogging for that three weeks time too. Haha to me.

Anyway, my friends and I went for a great day out yesterday. First, We went to try the Escapee.  Escapee is a real-life, interactive puzzle games, where clues must be found and mysteries solved within a given time limit to escape the room which you are locked in. (visit here to know more:  We went to the one in Warisan Square where there are three challenges for us to choose from; Prison Break (Easy), Time Travel (Medium) and The Circus (Hard) and we chose to try The Circus.  
All I can say that It was fun. Not that scary but scary (scary because of the stupid clown laughs and like someone talking  and making stupid noises -.-) . Hahahaha. Let me tell you one thing, when you and your friends are able to crack the codes, clues or whatsoever to open and escape without using the three hints(helps), that is the moment where you get yourself into goosebumps feeling. I got myself goosebumps don't know how many times ady. But sadly, we didn't manage to escape the room. There are four stages and we only manage to reach the third one, and in which we almost escaped to the fourth one, and I really want to see what is on the next stage! Got one moment on the third stage really funny lorh! We able to open the second locked cabinet door, and found a plunger and when I got it, I plunged every single mirrors to see whether any of them can be open. LOL.

A group photo before we leave the place.

We then went to Imago for movie, Fast and Furious 7. and the ending is. FREAKING. SENTIMENTAL. No, I didn't cry. I did not. *sobs, taking tissues* It was a great movie I tell you and also Imago's MBO Cinema seats is awesome. Wide enough leg room for my leg. serious. Hahaha.

After movie, we walk around Imago before heading to Oceanus for dinner. We actually wanna meet our friend, Heidi, who is working in Hard Rock Cafe but her shift was off early so she wasn't able to serve and join us. But then, yeah, it was the first Hard Rock Cafe in Sabah and the food is real orgasm. LOL. (well it's the same around Malaysia.)


 The interior.

Hahahaha. I was trying to take the picture of the Logo kay. Not the handsome guy on the left. don't misunderstood. (and he proposed to his girlfriend there! I witnessed it! LOL. Damn cool sia)

 we ordered two for each appetizers and main dishes. (the prices are quite expensive to be honest)

Appetizer, Rockin' Wing (RM35)

Appetizer, Nachos with  Fajita Chicken (RM53 + RM24 dressing)

Mac and Cheese (RM40)

B-b-qued half chicken (RM43)

Me enjoying the rockin' wing. wtf LOL. 
the chicken wing is kinda savory to your mouth with their lil' spicy and sour sauce.

look at the meat, it's actually very soft, tender and juicy with their sauce. Omg. It's mouth watering even by looking at the picture right now. 

This is the best Mac and Cheese I ever tasted! So creamy and the cheese is so condensed. 5/5 dude! Worth it for the price.

The nachos, and this piece is the one with the most dressing. LOL. A scrumptious piece of nachos, cannot say no. I wanna go for it again!

After having a delectable dinner, we head over to Nunpat for the most luscious dessert in K.K so far. I went here once with Crystal and I'd tried the Green tea bingsu and cheese bingsu. This time, we ordered three flavours, with Chocolate bingsu.

Our luscious bingsu! :D

Chocolate Bingsu.

Cheese Bingsu,

My favourite of all, Green tea Bingsu!

We had a little chit-chatting, playing Cytus, watching some youtube videos before heading back home. Time well spent with these 5 peoples. Next round, Heidi must join! 

Till next time,

- d.w.w -

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