Dear Streamyx Sabah.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dear Streamyx Sabah,

1. I am your loyal customer that have been using you as my Internet service provider for the past 7 years since the year 2007. During the year 2007 to 2008, it was the worst year ever because of the internet that you've provided during that one whole year was not stable, AT ALL. It breaks every few minutes after being connected and I have to suffer because complaining and making tickets of line repair does not work on you.

2. By the year of 2009, you have done a great job by giving me wonderful stability of connectivity. I was amused by how the changes you had given to me after being able to endure your bad connection for one whole year. a round of applause.

3. But things changes after I upgraded it from 1mbps to 4mbps during the Christmas month in year 2012. It was wonderful during the first two months (where you offered us with free payment for upgrading it to 4mbps).

4. By the third month( March 2012), the connection started to turn out bad, instability of the internet has return, but it was not that worst yet. I was still able to use the line, but somehow with limits. It was like scheduled on when I can use, and when I can't.

5. I was able to predict the connection time and when it is going to be unstable. (every 3pm to 3.30pm, 5.30pm to 6pm, 8.45pm above to 10pm), EVERY SINGLE DAYFor 2 years (2012-2014)

6. Things changes again this year, on this month, where the internet connectivity turn out to be more WORST and somehow it felt like I am returning to the past (2007/2008).

7. It happened after I rejected a call from someone regarding on whether I want to upgrade my current line (Streamyx 4mbps) to Unifi 5mbps. I didn't trust them thus I rejected the offer and decided to stay on with my beloved Streamyx.

8. Is this a tactic to force your customer to change? After the call (9th April 2015), my internet has return to the "First-year-using-Streamyx Age".

9. This round, I wasn't able to predict when it is going to be stable. It has been like this not for a day or a week, but it's coming to the THIRD WEEK already.

10. Is this how you provide your customers with your service? I wasn't able to load Blogger, I wasn't able to upload pictures to the blog, I wasn't able to load Youtube videos, I wasn't able to stay online in my Online games for even just TEN minutes.

11. And I am now blogging using my Maxis Data Plan which has reached their quota last 19 days ago but still able to load faster than your "2-minutes-stability-before-it-turn-unstable-again" connection.

12. To be honest, I am hugely disappointed with your services.

13. If you are reading this post, please do take action.

14. Things may not happen on everyone, but there are chances to happen on certain people.

15. Hereby, I declared that all the information listed here are TRUTH and REAL CASE.

- d.w.w -

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