DWWDiary #66 - Flashback of My Three Years Journey in UPSI.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The reason why I like doing assignments rather than having examination is because I hate studying. I just done revising my notes for one of my subject in Final and I already half dead. Honestly. ㅠ.ㅠ

Well, to refresh my mind and since it is the last semester already (sobs sobs) for me in UPSI, I thought of doing some flashbacks to the people who are being presence in my three years journey here. shall we start? Heh.


The very first person I put my eye on. It was in Reading Skill class. She was wearing a "Kebaya", sat by the side on the third row from the front. I thought she was from Sabah. throughout my three years here, even though sometimes we argued, fight, having cold-war (hahaha), but in the end, she's still stay by my side. She's kind, but sometimes kinda "keras-kepala". Strong and independent, and I ever told her, she's somehow resembled my mom. Thank you so much for being by my side, not leaving me alone. heh. Not gonna say much. I think you already know most of it. Heheh. nanti you nangis teresak-esak. hahahaha. I don't even know whether I used the word correctly.


Hahh.. this guy. Jerk! Hahahaha. He's my roommate since semester two. we used to have a common interest, which was online gaming. this is guy is very straightforward person and people who are not close to him will somehow will be offended by his words. Well, a lot people were offended by him. Hahahaha. In someway, he's kind and helpful. And I just love to use sarcasm on him. Hahahaha. 

Azira and Farsha

This two. we were great group-mates. Their words of compliments and judgments will never stays in their mind. Both of them are seriously awesome! They took care of me when I'm having a heavy fever back in semester two, but then there was one mistake. They bought me KFC. Hahahaha. Or were they did it on purpose? Hahaha It is fun to have them in my life. 

Jehan, Dena, Fateen and Anis M.

These four. I got closer to them during semester four, and even closer in this semester. They are just awesome and no other words can describe. Magnificent maybe? but it sounds too exaggerated, doesn't it? Hahaha. we were the front row occupiers, noisiest, full of doubts and questions.  

Aimi Middleton

Hahaha. Aimi, one of the person who actually influenced me to blog. I first encountered her as a blogger back in Semester 2. I was impressed by how she manage her blog and her writings, makes me laugh. And Bak kata Aimi, there are a lot things to say, but don't know how to put 'em in words. Hahaha. 

Annis, Dayah and Nana.

Adess. These three. sekumpulan with Aimi. Hahaha. banyak benda gegirls I got from them. the way how they greets "Hi" to me whenever we sees each other. I just can't. They never fail to make me smile. :P

Geng Kampung Pisang - Tresa, Nini, Norain and Fara de' Gojez. 

Geng ini geng membahan. hahahaha. always sit behind me in class. when they joke, I can laugh until my stomach can feel the six-packs are coming out. A great friends I should say. I enjoy having breakfast and lunch with you guys. pagi-pagi makan nasi. hahahaha. with sambal belacan mak cik Bitara.

The carpooling members - Adan, Qeyna, Razi, Safwan.

Thank you for waiting me every single morning. It has became a routine to follow their car every morning. never once I was left behind. Adan, the class-clown. always full of laughter. Qeyna, I am so impressed with her drawings and whenever we accidentally glares at each other, there comes the weird action between us both. Hahahaha. Razi, full of knowledge, like a walking dictionary. Safwan, a very kind person and tinggi. I wan your height. Hahahaha. 


Orang gila. My "Salau". Hahaha. she just love to photobomb everyone's pictures and full of hilarious looking faces. It is so hard to have a normal picture with her but I had several normal pictures with her though. Adakah itu satu petanda? Hahahaha. She's basically a happy-pill for everyone. 

Mun Yee

The only Chinese group-mate for the past four semesters. I always tease her as a vegetarian because her presentation usually about vegetables or healthy food. Hahaha. Even though we did not talk much but I can know you're a very kind and warmhearted person. I heard a lot about you. Hahahaha. Sorry to have you carry all the mandarin oranges all by yourselves. hee.


Hoho. This girl also very straightforward. She is also one of the person who influenced me to blog. she introduces to me to various bloggers around Asia and somehow it triggers my passion in blogging. Hahaha. Thanks girl!

Epy and Mulok

My Sabahan friend. we once took a same plane together back to Sabah, sitting on the same row. I just love talking and be with both of you. Open-minded. Love both of youu! 

Syamim, Khalilah, Rabiatul, Eming, Aishah and Mira.

I always get confused between Syamim, Khalilah and Rabiatul. Selalu salah panggil nama. Hahahaha. Eming, to be honest, I only can remember your name if I call you as "anak yang solehah" kan Aimi Solehah? Hahahaha. Aishah, little girl but bahaya bila marah. hehehe. Mira, got the teacher look. Hahaha. They seriously make my three years journey into a road full of happiness.  

Wawa, Nadh and Marinah

Wawa, I like how the way she present her presentation. Very clear. And one thing, don't laugh when she is presenting because, she will laugh with you tooo. Hahahaha. Nadh, she's a great person. very helpful in many ways. Marinah, a wonderful girl from Tanjong Malim. Hahaha.

Effa, Mowzar and Farah

Hahahaha seriously. Effa, one of the person that can ketawa terbahak-bahak with me. Sedut balik ketawa tu kay. Hahahhaa. Mowzar, I can see how she changed to a better person, and also, I will never forget of her being the first person who slam my newly bought laptop back in 2012. Hahahaha. Farah, I like her blog where it full of poems. Please do continue? Hahaha. she can become a singer. She got the voice.  

Fellow group-mates; Atyn, Melissa, Elisa, Rashidah, Syahraen, thank you for being a part of my life too. Syahraen, full of logical terms and great in explanation even though it is a spontaneous one.

Fellow course-mates from Group A(C), I know the few of you. Even though we were in different groups but somehow we are one.

Not to forget, My great and awesome lecturers! Miss Aina, Miss Hafza, Madam Nora, Madam Qistina, Miss Amreet, Madam Nurainil, Miss Hasimah, Sir Sasigaran, Sir Ridhuan, Sir Kamarul, Sir Zain and lecturers of Malay subjects, Thank you so much for all the knowledge given.

Once you have created a memory in my life, I will never forget about you.

Thank you for being my comrades these three years. It is a wonderful journey and I doubt that I will meet such magnificent comrades again. That is a wrap and till we meet again.

Douglas S.

- d.w.w -

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  1. What a flashback! Laffyu, dougy! Gonna miss you so much after this :(