DWWDiary #65 - The DCH Hangout!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Basically DCH means Douglas, Crystal and Heidi. And I'm actually very sick right now. FML -_- Had slight fever, sore throat and body ache.

Anyway, hello guys! So, on last Sunday evening I went out with these two gorgeous friends of mine, along with Myles and his friend. They first went to watch Jupiter Ascending but I didn't follow them cux I brought my mom to look for a new phone. Apparently, she got one for herself and also for dad too!

We decided to meet up at Suria Sabah before going for dinner at Oceanus K.K.

Our very first picture together for 2015! :D 

We took this at Times Bookstore while waiting Myles and his friend and people were like looking at us, giving the very judgmental look. LOL. We then decided to have Nando's for dinner and I'll count it as my late Birthday celebration cux it was under Myles and Crystal treat. :D Thank youuu! Hahahaha.

took a picture before I actually order for food. wtf.

We were so bored waiting for our food to come and we decided to do a meme face selfie, and this is how it looks like.

Hahahahahahahaha! Look at Heidi's face. LOL.
I was trying to imitate the Yao Ming "Bitch please" face, Heidi was trying to imitate the "LOL" face and Cris was imitating the lady "You don't say?" face. Hahahahaha! Oh Gosh.

Our drinks arrived first and this was mine. The Lemon Peppermint? I'm not sure what the name called. lewl.

Crystal and Heidi ordered the same thing. I don't know the name either. Something Rose yada-yada. Lolol wtf.

I ordered myself a chicken mushy soup with garlic bread as an appetizer.

People who go to Nando's will know these sauces. And I definitely recommend the Wild Herb Peri-peri. The greatest among all four *thumbs up* 

Ordered myself half chicken and the chunky potato mash with some unique peri-peri sauce. Kinda regret it cux It wasn't that nice. Should have taken coleslaw and wedges cux the wedges are awesome! Crispy skin and soft in the inside. And you doesn't really need dips for it cux the wedges taste great even just like that. :P

We ordered this but the chicken meat wasn't that nice. It's kinda... rough? lol.

This is the voucher book! Amusing right? reminds you of your time back in Primary and secondary school. Those memories.

The after-meal shot. Hahahaha. look at all the bones. :P

After dinner, we went to NunPat for dessert. NunPat is a Korean dessert cafe that have the best shaved Ice dessert In K.K for now. :P

A picture of us in NunPat. :P and the wall is grey in colour. Hahaha.

We ordered the Green Tea Bingsu and Cheesy Bingsu. It taste really really good!

Green Tea Bingsu.

Cheesy Bingsu.

After had our dessert, we sent Heidi to the front gate where her brother is waiting for her there and we depart back home.

All right. I'm going to take a rest. See you when I see you.

- d.w.w -

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