Monday, February 02, 2015

 Monday morning,
hear them mourning,
as it is fallen,
old and frail.

Hye guys! Just got some time to blog. My last semester is coming to an end and I'll be having a one-week holiday for Chinese New Year next two weeks before my Final examination. I'll blog some of it by then and I got A LOT of stories and pictures to share with all of you my loyal readers! Just that I do not have enough time to blog these days and I apologize D: (busy with assignments and things).

I received some email from the few of my readers asking why I am gone in all of sudden (I didn't know there are people who were waiting for me to blog and I really feel so delighted knowing your existence, even though just the two to three of you! Thank you!). Some of my close friends knew, I traveled a lot this semester. From North to South, East to West (just within Malaysia as my passport under my mom possessions =3=) mainly is to meet Elvis, making new friends and to spend as much time as possible in travelling before flying back to Sabah.  

Oh, and also it is February already! What a haste in time! And in few more days, It's going to be my Birthday. :P Hehe. Anyway, I'll blog again in few days time all right.

See you when I see you! :D

- d.w.w -

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