DWWDiary #64 - Just three more weeks.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hye guys! Yeah, so as you know, time is really not enough for me, everyone basically, and I use most of my time slacking and chatting. enjoying my life, eating and watching dramas. wtf. While I was having a chat with Elvis, I somehow listed out the assignments that left to be done before the Semesters end, and you know what guys? I am not shock, but all I can do is just having a small laugh. You're dead Douglas. 

I actually have 10 more pending assignments to be done before the end of Semester 6 (one more for the Critical thinking in Game analysis). Ha.ha.ha. I don't really realize it until I listed them out. -.-

ANYWAY, next week is Chinese New Year already! And I had bought my new clothes for CNY and I think it's awesome! Can't wait for Chinese New Year and wear them :P I'll be heading back to Sabah this coming Saturday with Elvis and Oh! My Birthday is coming in exactly 2 days and 2 more hours! Hahaha! Getting a year older already. Hmm.

So yeah, I'll back to my world a while and battle ahead with my assignemies. is that even a word? lol anyway, bye!

- d.w.w -

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