World In Audition EN a.k.a Audition 3.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hello everyone. I stumbled upon this new game called the World in Audition or also known as the audition 3. Apparently there were two similar games that has been opened for years (which I once played one of them, the oldest Audition). So surprisingly, another one was opened a weeks ago on the 6th of November for South East Asia under the same publisher for AuditionSEA, Playpark @ Asiasoft.

About World in Audition

"World In Audition ( is the sequel to hit online dancing game, AuditionSEA. Developed by Hanbitsoft, the free-to-play multiplayer online rhythm game amps up popular attributes from its precedent title and introduces new game modes and customizable features to deliver a variety of ways for players to enjoy music and to socialize online. 

  Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited ( is the publisher of the game in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia."

At first I thought it would be a web-dancing game like Touch Online, but apparently, you are required to download it in order to play and it will take around 2GB of your computer space.

anyway, here are the first look of World in Audition.

The Log-in page.

Somehow the log-in page was quite similar to a game I once played before, the Snowboard surfing game by Outspark. Forgotten what's the name of the game called.

Once you're logged-in, you are required to create a second password. And it is quite amusing that it uses a smartphone. :o

The character creation page. look adorable, isn't it? 

There are four styles for you to choose from and of course, a gender selection too. Not to mention, you also able to choose your skin tone from fair to dark.

And yep, I'm choosing this look.

After you're done with personalizing your character, next is to type in your IGN, birth date and your blood type. Have no idea why they need to know your blood type. For couple purposes? maybe.

And I'm done. 

so, before confirming, they will let you to view on your avatar  before you clicking on the create button. 

And here starts all the loooonngggg conversations with NPCs, the tutorial mode. 

The character look so alive that it keep on moving and dancing, and of course, the facial expression they made!

I just can't.

Okay last one. xD too cute. hahahaha.

And finally, after a long conversation, I have reach the gaming part. =3=

The first mode called the "Shooting star" and It was easy during the tutorial cux you just need to follow the beat and tap on the spacebar.

And when I tried on the hard mode, there were arrows that you need to follow -A- 

*kacha kacha* Feel like a star yet? xD

a first game with the NPCs.

and when you're done with the gaming tutorial, you will be lead to the next one, which is Shopping tutorial. 

Oh, if you're planning to play this game and reached this part, I suggest you to choose wisely as you will be given one of those 9 as a gift for 30 days! :O

And finally, you're in to the dancing world of world in Audition!  

Enjoy your game! :D

Before I end-up this post, have a look on their promotion video below.

And that's all for now. I'll update again soon with the game-play for few modes in this game. Till then, see you next time!

- d.w.w -

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