How they Chino pants.

Monday, November 24, 2014

All right. That is one ridiculous post title there.

Anyway, this post is all going to be about Chino pants and how to wear them, especially for men. Chino pants is twill fabric originally made of 100% cotton and it is one of the must-have fashion outfit for everyone despite of your gender. This is because the chino jeans are just flexible to wear it to any events while never gazing out of spot or out of style.

Here are few different looks on matching the chino pants that men can flaunt fabulously wearing it.

The first look for men is by matching their chino pants with a shirt and blazer. This look is suitable for men to style at work or important event looking trendy. Men can show off their professional yet sophisticated look in front of others and feel confident about it all day long. Compared to jeans and shorts, chino pants are acceptable for men who want to look stylish and simple at work.     

The next look for men to consider on trying is by pairing their chino pants with a t-shirt. This creates a smart casual look for men to wear on a date with the special someone or even hanging out on the weekends. Strut around town with your simple but trendy appearance and feel comfortable everywhere you go. For a more sophisticated mature look, pair the chino pants with a nice Polo tee, or shirt with sweater as the outer-wear and a clutch bag. You will definitely win it.

The third chino pants look which a man can pull off is wearing them with a sleeveless top. Choose from a graphic printed tank top, pattern design ones or a plain basic singlet and style it your own way. This look is suitable for the men who want to create a boyish edgy appearance and have that relax character in front of everyone. Go out in town showing off that casual simple look and feel comfortable walking under the sun with style.

Chino pants are just work in matching with most attires and one great benefit is that this type of pants would not get outdated or out of style. Getting more and pairing up with various top and accessories make you more attachable to the fashion world. If you are interested in getting more Chino pants with various designs, Do Check out ZALORA as it offers a wide selection of chino pants online for men from various brands.

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