Judgmental aunty and her son.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Heeeeellllllooooooollll. okay. that is crazy -.-

Anyway, Welcome to November! Babaaii October. Time flies real fast man, I feel like I just posted a welcome to October not long ago and now it's November already. wew, how was your first day of November? Pretty good? for me, the start up of my new month wasn't that good.

I was awfully hungry because I didn't had my dinner last night, nor breakfast in the morning because I slept till around 11:45 in the morning, turned on the computer and back to sleep till 1 O'clock in the afternoon. wtf. lol. Mom didn't prepare anything for breakfast nor lunch because she was busy doing her work and I am sooo lazy to cook myself a meal thus, have to wait for my dad to come back around 2. 

My dad was back 10 minutes before two (like finally), and I "jump out of bed~ put on my best suit~", Lol kidding. I jumped out of my bed immediately and had myself washed up.

my dad was asking what I want to eat, so I thought of having Bak Kut Teh (Herbal Pork Soup) but unfortunately the shop has closed because it was already late in the afternoon . So around the area, they weren't much thing to eat as most of the Kopitiams are resting by evening. So, I ended up having lunch at KFC. lol. 

I ordered my meal and  pleasantly seated, which next to me were a family having their delightful lunch in KFC, just like me. while eating, the mother and son of the family were somehow done with theirs, and they start to chatter around. Out of no where, or maybe out of topic to say, all of sudden I became their chattering point. The conversation goes like this:-

Mom: Look at the way he sit.

son: Who?

Mom: Tuu *pointing at me* Cross leg like a girl.

son: *laughing* (I don't know what so funny about crossing my leg)

Mom: can you do it?

son: don't know oh.

Mom: this guy maybe no "bird" one.

son: *laugh* I got "bird bird", cannot sit like that. hehehe.

and when I heard that, I feel like shouting to her, saying "HOR BITCH YOU DIDN'T! MY BIRD MIGHT BE BIGGER THAN YOUR SON AND YOUR HUSBAND BIRD LA KAY. TILL YOUR PUSSY ALSO MIGHT GET AFRAID!", but I didn't. Later I kena record and kena upload on social medias, say I being rude to elderly. 

But this Aunty and son why so judgmental one la huh? So many topic to talk why must talk about people cock? Omg. you so damn "Ham-Sap" and hiao want talk bout big cock small cock is it? The way I sit you also want judge. Maddapancake sial you aunty! Judging with your son somemore! Bad parenting lor! 

Okay okay. I be considerate a bit la. maybe due to your experience, your ex-boyfie used to sit like that, and he really an ah gua, no cock one la hor? I won't blame you if that is your reason la. But I don't think so lor. 

If you want talk, please go far a bit and talk. Don't let me hear. If I don't know what you say, I won't mad. Now I sitting near you, and the distance was not even 100 metres away, I can hear you talk very CLEARLY.  And it makes me very mad that I feel like splashing my Sjora Mango juice to your face -.- and also shut this spicy chicken to your mouth. Oh MAMA GREATNESS. -.- 

And That sums up the half-day of my first-day of the month of November.

May God bless  and have mercy on hers and her son's soul. Amen.

Till next time. :^)

- d.w.w -

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