Coni Beauty Whitening Black Mask.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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To have a young pretty looking face is not only a girl's dream but also for a man too. I am here to introduce to you a product by Coni Beauty, the Beauty Whitening Black Mask.

Coni Beauty Whitening Black Mask is a jelly mask added with black diamond charcoal, rich in whitening and moisturizing nutrients, simultaneously to regulate excessive oil on your face. Besides that, Coni Black Mask also helps you to remove melanin from the inside out. It also helps you to restores your skin vitality and elasticity, rejuvenates and brighten up your dull looking skin.

A History about Coni Beauty:

"Coni was founded in 1999 and is one of the biggest skincare corporations in Taiwan. Coni Beauty develops high quality products with natural ingredients. Its products are certified by SGS Switzerland for their quality and its ingredients are certified organic by Ecocert (European Union.) On 2013, Coni Beauty received 4 national awards.Coni Beauty is committed to use safe ingredients that do not cause harm to skin, not to do testing on animals and use 100% recyclable packaging materials."

This post is sponsored by HiShop Malaysia, making beauty accessible.

Nothing would feel better than receiving your products bubble wrapped, even though it was just a small little thing. Good job, HiShop. :D

The design on the bottle is actually quite gender equality. As you can see, on the top of the bottle, there have those love shaped laces-looking design (which represent girls) and on the bottom part, they have this triangle looking design, which in my interpretation, it represent a guy. Hahahahaha! Oh me. xD

This is how it looks like inside the bottle. Very black huh? 

In every beauty review, there is always a before and after. Thus, here is a picture of me before using the Coni Beauty Black Whitening Mask. :P

So, shall we start?

First thing first, ready a mask spatula(or your beautiful fingers also can) for appliance.

then, dig in la. no need I teach de bah hor? Hahahaha. just kidding :P

after taking an amount of mask from the bottle, apply the mask on your face. It is quite cooling for me cux I put the mask in the refrigerator. HAHAHAHA. I suggest you boys and girls to try it that way too. Very refreshing. :D

Look like a leech on my face. Pffft. Hahahaha.

The reason why of using a spatula is because it helps you spread more evenly, and also less messy la. You wouldn't want your hand messed up with black mask, would you? :P

Keep on applying until your whole face is covered. 

Final touch up using your finger at the two side of your nose.

And Vuala. Done applying. Somehow, I look like the "Orang Minyak" eh. LOL.

A side view of myself in black mask. (selfie much. pfft.)

And now, you have to leave the mask on for 30 Minutes. :D



Batman? LOL. Pfftt.

after 30 minutes has passed, and this is how it will look like when It dry up. 

during the drying up occurrence, you will feel the light warm sensual feeling on your face. Something like... eating a ginger? LOL Pfft. What a bad example I gave. Lolol. And It takes time for you to wash away your mask.

Cleaning your face with warm water is highly suggested by me for easy clean off.

An After picture. :D

A side by side picture for easy judgement. LOL. 
Left: Before | Right: After

There is a slight difference after using the mask and I can say that I felt my face was slightly tighten and brighten up. :D Feeling 5 years younger? Pffft Hahahahaha.

My skin feel much tighten and bouncy this morning after awake. a wonderful product to try on. *thumbs up*

Anyway my rating for this product, I'll give it a: 

If you would like to try this mask out, you may visit HiShop Malaysia or just simply click HERE. :D And you will also be getting a 15% Discount on your purchase if by inserting the code DOUGY before checking out. :D

Do follow up HiShop on Facebook, Twitter and Subscribe to their newsletter for more promotions and exclusive updates. 

To be honest, this is my very first beauty review (which I usually talk about food more. muahahahaha). Leave a comment below and let me know what d'you think of my first review on beauty products . :D

Till next time! Go be beautiful~ (Bahahahahaha. An ending phrase used by Shu An for her show, Tried and Test. xD)

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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  1. Ambui banyak betoi selpiaq (selfie , selpiaq bahasa kedah. Haha) . ��