Done with Speaking Test.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finally! I am back with the mood to write something. lolol. I had just done with my MUET Speaking Test on last Tuesday, and I feel much relieved after the test. Like no burden already. lol. I had my test at my former school, Maktab Sabah and the school changed A LOT. I barely see a land with green grasses cuz all of it were cemented.

Anyway, I was grouped with other 3 male candidates and we chatted awhile after the group division. we were the second group for Speaking test. Two of them were studying Engineering course at PTPL if I am not mistaken and another one was studying Diploma in Technical and Mechanical in UiTM Penang.

Our conversation was not in fully English. I remembered when I asked them questions, they were answering me in Bahasa (except for guy from UiTM, even though his English wasn't that good, but he tried) until I ask them to try speak in English.

after several minutes of conversation, it's finally our turn. The test went quite well and I blab a lot of nonsense. I actually do not know what I am talking about and say whatever in my mind. lol. Oh, and during the group discussion, I accidentally said this phrase, "So, you are disagreeing with my point?" to candidate B, and I technically made the conversation awkward. But, I am glad everything went pretty well and now, focusing on my last three papers which carry the highest scores.

all right, till next time, with a beauty review post. :P

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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  1. Congrats dougy sebab dah terlepas dari seksa nervous tu. Hihi ^^

  2. now, its time 4 waiting the result? heeeee..

    haii dougy.. done follow u no. 18,
    will u follow me back? be friend? heeee..