All my heart.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I'm crying, did you see it? My heart is hurting, did you feel it? I'm alone, I need your accompany. I told you I miss you, you asked me not to miss you too much because It makes you feel stressful. When I am telling you that I love you, you either change topic or ignore.

when I'm telling you to care me more, and I told you to be more like how you used to be. what did you answered? I am overreacting. All I need is your care, to feel my existence in your heart. Your sincerity in our relationship. being loyal. no more looking for other man. I wanted to believe in you, but I can't seems to do so when you're still using dating applications. I requested you to delete it, but you were mad at me. How...? In my heart, there is nothing more or less than having the feeling of you trying to find a replacement.

I'm annoying, over-protecting, doesn't give you freedom. all these came out from your mouth. I did all of these thing because I love you. you were so sweet during our first few months. we shared every single moment together. Even though we are far apart, it's not a barrier for us. I still know what you were doing, where you going. but, you are changing now. I can feel it.

we talked less. you took a longer time to reply me. you used short-forms. "lol","haha","ok". And the conversation ends. I felt like I am less important to you now. can I have the old you back? can you treat me like how you used to treat me back in our sweet days? I missed it so much.

In a long distance relationship, communication is very important. A long distance without communication is nothing. I miss you dear.

- d.w.w -

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