Internship Farewell Dinner with MilkADeal.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

On the last 28th of August, which was about 4 weeks ago (I knowww. It's quite a moment already D:), my colleagues and I celebrated a farewell dinner for Hyin Yi, and myself. We decided to celebrate it at The Red Bean Bag in Publika. 

A framed red beans I supposed. LOL. But it looks like coffee beans to me, isn't it?

The Menu.

Quite Unique isn't it? Yeah. It was my first time here. pfft =3=

A selfie with Hsin Yi :D

Red Bean Bag interior. Look nice right?  

Hi :P

and another one. HAHA!

With Chi Wei. First try and he look sleepy here. LOL

Second try, and I laughed like crazy. -___-

Third try, Chi Wei look adorably handsome HAHAHAHA but I look so freaking weird so I decided to covered it with a cute doggy. :3

Last one, and I think this one is great. Hahaha. 

Shamine posing while ordering. LOL.

"I really don't know what to eat" D:

At first, we were sitting inside but then we decided to move out because our voice and laughter can make people want to jump of the building straight away. lolol. Just kidding. XD

Three of us. Sharifah, Me and Shamine.

Shamine and I.

Sharifah and I. And the great Menu appears (thanks to Shamine). LOL

The three beauty XD

another of myself with Shamine.

I decided to upload this cux I kinda like this picture even though it's quite blurry. Lolol.  

Shamine with her Croque Monsieur.

I ordered the RBB Signature Baked Eggs and It taste fantastic!

The sausages and the eggs were perfect! Omg I am so hungry now =3=

Myself with the RBB Signature Baked Egg :D
I like how creative they were to use a chopping board as the base. lol

After we were done with our main course, Hsin Yi and I move around the table to take pictures with our colleagues. :D

With Bahia. The girl who used to sit in front of me during the first few weeks xD

With May Fay.

With Chai Yen and her cousin. :D

With Nurul! :D

With Sharifah! The one who guided me a lot :'D 

With Irene (left) and Nurul (right). :D

With Shamine, Chi We and Zack(right). :D

a group photo and I didn't realize that Hsin Yi, Bahia and Sharifah eyes were closed until I uploaded this. HAHAHA! It look hilarious XD Sorry!

another group photo of us. :D

With Shamir. :D

With Michelle. :D

Another one and what with my face -_-

HAHAHA. A family portrait? or bodyguards of a Yakuza? LOL.

Another one with Darriel :D

We couldn't have enough so we ordered two desserts, The Bacconia (front) and Classic French toast. Both desserts were so great! The fluffiness of the Bacconia pancake was remarkably awesome and when it reached my mouth, I can felt that myself was going to melt. really! Moreover, with the warm pancake together with the sizzling bacon accompanied by the cold fruits, *KABOOM* One of the best dessert I had so far. 

I am not exaggerating but it was really good. trust me. I have the tongue of fantasy. HAHAHA. 

A lovely feed of pancake to Sharifah. XD

Fascinated with the service charge and government tax. haha -_-

Before leaving, a final group photo with all of them. :D Thank you for coming guys! 
Love all of you. :'D

One more with Nurul! :D

Another one with Hsin Yi and Bahia.

I like this one so much! :'D Gonna miss you guys so much. 
*am missing you guys now D:*

It was a delightful night indeed. The present of my colleagues really make us(the interns) felt appreciated. Thank you so much for the three months of continuous happiness and hardship, till we meet again. :')

All right. going to sleep for a while now before going to my cousin's wedding later. See ya!

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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