Thursday, September 18, 2014

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I was introduced to this game called Deemo by my best friend, Crystal. Deemo is a piano-like game under the same developer for Mandora and Cytus, by Rayark Inc. and there are hundreds of brilliant songs to play on. 

"Rayark brings you Deemo, a hybrid of music rhythm game and the story of urban fantasy, with hand-drawn art, story-telling gallery and real instrumental feedback of piano key sound."

This game is currently at the spacious of 363MBs, and giving you the first book of songs to play with. The next 4 books requires you to pay-to-play. 

Oh! A friendly reminder, when this game pop-up a notice asking you to pay for the full version, Kindly click (x) or no because you pay that for nothing -.- you won't be getting a new book or any extra songs(I thought of that too, but I was wrong. lol). Three of my friends played this and they didn't pay for it but they still able to complete the first book of Deemo Musics. So, Don't click on the pay (even though it's just like RM3.50 ($0.99)). You wouldn't want to pay for something that doesn't give anything to you, would you?

Anyway, Here are some screenshot of Deemo during my game-play. all the pictures below were screen-shot on the first 1 to 2 hours of playing, so the story line for the Deemo's first collection is not complete yet.

The Introduction page. This is where you will tap the screen to go into the game.

Deemo sitting by his piano, looking at his collection book. lolol.

You will be given this #1 Collection for free. 

These are the first three songs given to you and you will be rewarded with new songs when you complete certain mission. e.g: Completing a song, growing the tree to certain heights.

before starting the game, you may customize the speed of the falling notes to the one that suits you. I start of with the speed of 5. 

Quite amusing, right? I like the graphic during the game-play.

You can choose the difficulty level from 3 options, which are Easy, Normal and Hard. The level is depends on the song itself. Some Normal Difficulty can be Level 7 too.

Screenshots below are the results of my game-play for few songs.

Getting new song/s after completing a song. :D

As you can see on most of the screenshot, there is a small tree-looking thumbnail on the right side of the screen. That is the growth of your Music Tree and the growth depends on the result of your game-play.

This is the Library a.k.a the room where you can find new songs and purchasing new Deemo's Collections. For the free new songs, just click anywhere around the library. You will be getting three songs if I am not mistaken(correct me if I am wrong).

There are currently 5 books and the other four requires you to purchase at the price of RM13 to RM 13.50 ($3.99). The Price in Malaysia usually change from time to time. -.-  

This is the current growth of my tree at the height of 10.899 metres. 

Before ending this post, Here is a game-play of Deemo's Collection #1 Last song, Magnolia in a little bit special way of playing. XD Played by しーず (icize13).

Oh, and here are some songs from the Game for your ear to enjoy. Lolol :P

If you're interested in this game, It's now available in your play store for both Apple and Android and you can download it for free Or Click Here if you're too lazy to search for it. Lawls :P

I feel like buying the second collection, but I'm not so sure. Maybe if I get responses from my readers, I would consider to purchase it? Lolol. Hahaha.

Till next time.

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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