One-Day Getaway to Kundasang.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I damn hot now. Just done helping this brat Elvis purchasing his swimming trunk from Nile and OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS This Nile so many procedure to do. -.- I usually purchase from Zalora and their procedure just so user-friendly. click only then vuola! But in Nile, you need to do this, do that, wait for confirmation, etc -.- And now the order I made is under the confirmation list. Yet, the price is really cheap la. Boots for RM38? Crazy. 

Anyway, I was out yesterday for a one-day getaway to Kundasang with my mom and aunt. Lets have a short journey with me to Kundasang, shall we? lolx.

*all photos are taken with Samsung NX Mini [Auto Mode]* 

Selfie while on the way. 
Polo shirt by DSQUARED2.  

D2, Double Douglas, Double the Happiness. Hahahahaha! Whats up, T-shirt reference!

Random shot while my aunt and my mom stopped by a stall at the roadside and bought some Durian. (Hairy legs LOL!)

Stopped by at Simpangan and we bought some Durian (not a big fan of durian *white flag*)

Durian Sukang. 


I like the colour of these durian xD So Goldenish yellowish? Hahahaha.

Its only RM1 for each, so my mom and aunt bought like 15 of them =A=" Pineappreak. LOL.

Took a scene of this before leaving Simpangan. (took from the same place every single time I am here in Simpangan)

random shot during the way to Kundasang.

a stall on the other side of the road in Kundasang. hahahaha. lawls =3=

Stalls in Kundasang. Most people will stop by here to buy local fruits and vegetables. It's more cheaper than K.K -.- 

On the way back to Kinabalu Park to have dinner before heading home. Its raining heavily somemore. 

Because of the cold breezy air, I decided to order Tom Yam Kuey Teow and that is one of my biggest mistake of the day. The worst Tom Yam I ever had. I can barely swallow it down ㅠ.ㅠ First of all, it's too spicy, then the chicken meat doesn't have any taste and the soup is not sour enough but its sweet instead because of the massive cabbages -.- I end up having sandwiches. *sigh*

the rain were still drizzling and It was at 15C' at that moment.

and i'm wearing shorts. LOL

Sun setting down.

Rainbow appeared after a heavy rain. So nice ㅠ.ㅠ

Trying to take one with the rainbow but it barely visible in this picture -.- #PHAIL

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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