Otafuse 4th to Starbucks.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

So, Crystal and I went to Otafuse yesterday at Star City, Kota Kinabalu. The event was held for two days, which were yesterday and today. But imma not going today, cuz not like I'm cosplaying also. Got la, cosplayed as myself. LOL. Okay. Not a joke maybe. Sorry ㅠ.ㅠ

Anyway, we went there around 1130 in the morning and we were searching the whole convention centre of Star City, but there were neither a sign of any event, nor musics or crowds. It was empty. -.- Like a ghost shopping centre, you know. wtf.

Then I am guessing it would be at the main centre Hall and I WAS SO DAMN RIGHT. LOL. *ahems* We got out from the Star City Convention Centre and got into the Asia City Mall and Otafuse was really held there. I am not sure whether the location was changed or my navigation sucks (either one). lol. I'm not so familiar with Asia City anyway. Or was it Star City afterall?  Wadeva. lawls.

The event was not huge as I expected but it was a good one. a lot of the anime fans were cosplaying as their favourite characters. Oh, and I remembered I saw a girl, cosplaying as the SAO Asuna, but with a bow instead. Did Asuna uses a bow? wasn't she using a reaper? LOL. I'm not sure. o__o" Maybe SAO II got use bow gua. But I think no worh. I watched both SAO already. Anyway, it was a great Idea *thumbs up*

The banner. with two lazy boys sitting on the stage. rofl

Look at the crowd! D: 

It was so hard for me to breathe and I felt like my soul was going to escape from my body wtf. it felt like all the demons were sucking up my life. LOL. Just kidding. *over imagining* but there was a guy, nono, few guys cosplaying as demons o_o"

Things that were on sale yesterday.

Hats! So kawaii! LOL

The "merchants" I should say? Lolol xD 

I didn't get anything for myself there but Crystal did. she bought a Panda Hat from a stall we went. I wanted to take pictures with the Cosplayers that holding swords/bows or etc, but I don't want a normal standing side by side pictures. D: It's awkward to do so (for me) .__. standing next to them, and smile. I want something different. Like they are using their swords to slay me or something. wtf LOL. Sadly, I didn't get to do so. *sigh* There were like no connection between me and the cosplayers. It's like the my brain cannot connect to their WiFi. Roflzomg. and I am too shy to ask also la FML *slash heart*

After turning around the stalls for few rounds, Crystal and I standing at the side of the corner and we were like nothing to do =A=" So, I came out with a decision to have a drink. And she agreed. We went to Starbucks at Warisan Square and we spent hours there, chatting, drink and playing games. 

and this barista guy, Oh My GAD! SENGAJA one lor! He asked my name and I said Jay, and he was like:- 

No. Jay. 
No... Jay
"Just J?"
No... Jayyy! *with heavy eyyyy*
"J. as in J.E.Y?" 
Uhh... kay. Jey... *white flag*

and that was how I met Jey. LOL. 

and then, we were trying to connect to the Wi-Fi and guess what we saw?

"Buy your own line nigga" LOLOL WTF.

Us! Me and Crystal! Best Friend Forevaa! We rarely have a picture together and this is the first selfie picture. Ever! Hahahaha!

and we both were playing this new game called Deemo. A piano type-of-game. this game is a tip-top. 

Criis playing with Deemo. :P

and me... Selfie with the Panda hat! 




All right. See ya xD

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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