Da Cheng Wat Tan Hor

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Morning! What's for your breakfast today?

Today was my first "Real" breakfast (lolol not a normal person) in Sabah since the day I am back here. Lol yeah. I am always awake late and by late I mean like in the afternoon, or sometimes, in the evening. and for today, I got the chance to have breakfast with my mom because... I didn't sleep, and I am not going to sleep because later in the afternoon, Crystal and I will be heading to Otafuse 4 at Star City to support our friend, Klev for her booth in the Otafuse event! *excited* >A< And I'm Hungry! LOL (well, now I'm kinda sleepy -.- wth). 

Anyway, My mom and I went to Da Cheng Restaurant to have breakfast and like usual, I ordered my favourite and also their famous cookery, the Da Cheng Seafood Wat Tan Hor (Wet Hor Fun). You can choose either seafood or normal. The portion is quite big and I was too gorged that I am barely to finish it. 

Here it is! The Seafood Wat Tan Hor and the price are quite (not so) reasonable, for RM12.

A very close look of the fresh fish slice.

The fish doesn't have this fishy smells, which people call it the smell of the Sea. lolol wth. And the flesh is undoubtedly fresh. 

The well cooked Hor Fun. And look at the side of each of the Hor Fun. you can see the side crust and when you chew the Hor Fun, it has this little crunchy and chewy feeling. hahahaha. Oh Gosh. Does it makes you hungry? wait till you see this.

Yes. The tremendously well done smooth egg gravy. So nice. Hahahaha.

If you're a lover of Wat Tan Hor, this is for you. Paradaisu! 

All right. I'm going to prepare myself for the Otafuse event but Before that,

three huge selfies! XD



Three! xD 

Okay bye!

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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