"Productive" Holiday.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Being at home, It feels like I'm being in paradise but at the same time, I felt very unproductive. wtf. you see, when I am home now, I sleep real late, by late I mean at dawn. When I sleep at dawn, guess when will I be waking up? Noon of course. lolol.

I actually want to blogg, but I am too lazy to do so =A= No la. not really that lazy after all. I was trying out this online game called the Path of Exile operated by Garena. base on the name itself, Exile, you can know that it's basically a game about the way of the exiled. This game is quite interesting rather than the usual online games.The game is quite creepy though. dark, dungeons, caves, bloody. lol. I'll talk about it sooner or later, but first. lets have a look on the picture I taken during my gameplay.

can you see, all the corpses, hundreds of them. Ugh, gross.

This one is during the quest to search for the "Karui Spirit" under the haunted Cell. Damn scary -.-

Oh, besides gaming, I am currently watching a Korean Drama called the "Empress Ki". I'd just started to watch it yesterday and I am now on my 12th Episodes. wtf.  I spent like half of my day on this drama =A= But, the story line is a real good one. Any of you who love those Historical type of drama, Empress Ki is one of the recommended drama for you. :D

So nice right?! Just look at the starring can know it's awesome already. LOL. Ha Ji won, Joo Jin Mo , and Ji Chang wook somemore. Gosh. Perfect. HAHAHA. 

All right la. I end it here. Going to continue my drama. See ya! (and my MUET speaking test in 36 days =A=)

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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