I'm Back to the Land Below the Wind.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I'm home! 

After three months of interning in the developing City of Kuala Lumpur, I'm finally back at my own hometown, K.K and currently using a desktop with huge monitor. lolol. Not that huge anyway.

coming back here I felt so unproductive and I think I will definitely gain weight because when I am bored, I just go near to refrigerator and search for any foods or snacks available inside. Omnomnomnoms. =3= And my mom stocked soooo many foods! TT__TT (chocolates, breads, cakes, etc.)

Anyway, I bought a new T-shirt on last Saturday at Giordano KLCC for only RM15. Its a printed t-shirt with the wording "Keep calm and wear blue". Elvis bought the same shirt as I did.

And so I decided to wear whole blue (not really) yesterday for my airport fashion. wtf! Just a coincidence la. not really plan to wear blue actually.

In Aunt Alice's new car, Hyundai Tucson sport. 
and stupid pimple appears above my lips -.-

Top by Giordano and Watch by Vincci for PDI Men.

Trousers by Kitschen.

 taken during my way to the airport. So coincidence that an airplane flew by. Hahaha

Using AirAsia as my flight back home :) 

I reached around 0910 in the evening and once reached home, my dad opened a fresh coconut for me!

Kelapa Pandan 
Coconut with Pandan taste. ITS SO REFRESHING OMG.

and get to eat my my mom homemade chicken noodle once I reached home. Thanks mom!

It's great to be home and yeah, I'll have to concentrate on my MUET already. o_o But quite weird leh. The application result is still not out yet. wtf -.- And, I feel like finding a part time job. too bored staying at home eh! Got used to occupied my time with work during weekdays. lolol.

All right. Update soon. see ya. Time to play my new downloaded game. lolol HAHA.

- See you when I see you -

- Dougy W.W -

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