This is a crazy post. No need to read.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Homaigod I don't know what happened to me now. -.- I apologize firstly because this post might be a little... too stupid to read as I just blab everything out now. Spontaneous and crazy. I don't know what I'm typing now.

I can't sleep, seriously. I have work to attend tomorrow and I'm still up here, blabbing nonsense. To be honest, things doesn't seem nice for me today. I get stressed out for every single thing. Like everyone turned into my enemy today. Homaigoodness. -.-

I get mad like no reason when I saw people post food pictures on instagram, or send me pictures of food. Cuz I'm FREAKING HUNGRY NOW. And maybe that's why. My friend freaking send me a burger with overflowing cheese. OMG! AGHHh!!!!!!

I was actually doing my report for my internship. I drafted all and decided to do it this weekend, which is yesterday and today. As for yesterday, I went for TEDxKL (worth going! amazing.), so I didn't get to do my report and it was pushed to today. And what I did for today? Drama. YouTube. Walking around my room. Playing Cookie Run. I PROCRASTINATED MY WORK T-T The report need to be hand up to my supervisor in next two weeks and I haven't let my industrial supervisor to sign it yet. AGHHH! D:

Seriously. I feel so emotionally unstable and I think I got mental problem also o__o I think I got Schizophrenia Syndrome. I will suddenly talk to myself and laugh by myself. Hahahahaha. Even i'm laughing at what I just typed -.-

I feel like crying but I don't feel sad and also i felt jealousy at the same time -.-" What the heck Douglas?! Mental problem. Confirmed. Need to see docktor ady. okay. I can't even spell it right. DOCTOR. Okay.

Ahhhhhhh, I haven't done my report yet and it's already Monday today! D: More worrrkkkkkk.

I'm hungry. I want to eat now. But it's already 12:30 now. Cannot. Too late. T-T

So lonely here. The room so silent. Sometimes lonely are good, but sometimes it's sooo bad that it make you feel so kereiiiziii -.-

I dunno why oh, I easily get stress one T-T It's like something that I have planned, and I didn't manage to finish it on the day I planned, I become all stressed up. I fear of not having much time finishing it. Haigh! I need to calm myself down. Need coffee. NOOO. Caffeine make me hyper. -.-

I better go sleep. But I can't sleep. HOW?! Homaigod. what is happening T.T Forget it. BYE.

T.T I'm like a crazy guy now. ugh. Shouting and I need air. need air. -.- My heart felt so heavy. why. Omg. Too many words? hahahaha. see. random laugh wtf. -.-

Okay, I said bye but still blabbing nonsense. Guhhh. see you. really. see you.

- See you when I see you - 

- Dougy W.W -

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