365 Days Memories.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

3rd August 2014. It has already been 365 days. We started with a Hi. I love how we able to talk so well to each other during our first conversation. I love how you attracted me on our first met. I love how we are in a relationship because we found affinity between us. I love how we spent our time together even though we rarely meet. We departed once, but I manage to get you back. I was given a second chance. Yet, I didn’t appreciate it.

Caused by my selfish feeling, I spitted out undesired words. I was mad, felt unwanted, felt the unimportant of my existence in your life. I didn’t give you the chance to discuss our matters. I made decision too blindly and I regretted. 

What the use for being regret, right?

My love to you is true and sincere. I have forgiven all the unsatisfactory that you have done towards me. Because no matter how mad I am, At the end, I will fall back to you. I wouldn't ask for you to stay with me because I’m such a jerk to you, but I would like to beg for your forgiveness, as I have pierced your heart with thousand needles. I'm sorry to disturb you when you asked me not to. I apologize for all the hideous memories that I made unto you. 

I don't want to say any longer, as my tears are starting to overflowing my eyes. I hope we can end all of this with peace and forgiven. I won’t say good bye, because I believe we will meet again somewhere, sometimes. I’ll see you when I see you. :’)

It’s the end of our love story; exquisite memories will stay in the box of memories :’)

I'm sorry and, I love you.

(I'm not sure you will read this post, but one day, I believe, you will. :'] )


- Dougy W.W -

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