Last "Supper" with M.T.Z

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time passes so quickly that I have already been working as an intern here for two months already. As the time passes, relations are made too. Today, on the 31st of July, 2014, aside from being the last day of the month, It is also the last day for my three fabulous colleagues.

We couldn't have any farewell dinner, so we did it for lunch instead. We had our lunch at Burger Junkyard at Empire Damansara which quite near to our workplace, just a little hill up away. lol. 

A group photo of us while waiting for the burgers to be serve :P
our stomachs are growling ravenously(too exaggerated Dougy =3=). 

Left front: Tien Hui, Me(obviously)
left standing: Syarifah and Hsin Yi.

The three that won't be here when the August come. :(
From left: Mabel, Zack and Tien Hui

Our lunch break is quite long for today I suppose. :P The burgers took a while to be served because of the overwhelming costumers that approaches during the lunch hour. we chomped and enjoy our burgers silently when it was served. :P

 before leaving back to our workplace, we took lots of pictures on this memorable day :P 

Group photo of us :D

And another one. I love this one so much! :D Thanks to Yen-yen for being the photographer :P 

A great shot under the umbrellas! I look so freaking hilarious in here -.-

The Happy Kids Hahaha! Tien Hui and Chi Wei with his exposed belly. LOL. :x 

and last but not least,

The Guardian of the Empire Door. LOL :P Just kidding.
Thank you Hsin Yi for this one. Nice shot! :P

And another one by Mabel :P Nice shot! (Y)
 I was actually posing a very serious look into the camera when in all of sudden everyone burst into laughter that makes me laugh too. Hahahaha 

After all the photo-shoot session(lolol), we went back to the office and back to our normal working life.

To Mabel, Tien Hui and Zack, Good luck and all the best in your future life. Even though we didn't really know well about each other, but the time that we have spent in these two months are exquisite indeed. :) It is quite reluctant to see the three of you leaving, but that's the cycle of work(once said by Mabel). So, I'll See you when I see you :) *shedding tears* LOL. :P

- See you when I see you - 

- Dougy W.W -

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